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בובות<small> ()</small> Poster

בובות ()

User Score

בובות () Overview

Eric and Nava, married in the past, sworn enemies in the present, are the owners of rival modeling agencies who gamble all they hold dear in a moment of weakness. Each will take a beautiful, anonymous and inexperienced girl and turn her into a star model who will compete for the best model award. The winning model will seal the fate of the agencies as the loser will have to retire and hand over his agency to the winner. The competition begins. Both agencies search for the perfect competitor. Anything goes – from the usual tryouts and campaigns to dirty tricks. "Mannequins" opens a window to the coveted world of modeling, its secrets, pressures, egos, disappointments and scams. As it exposes the struggle to survive in a universe that views glamour, image and eternal youth as sacred.

Directed by: Shay Capon

Who Stars in בובות ()

Gal Gadot
Miriam 'Merry' Elkayam

Gal Gadot

Eli Eltonyo
Tomer Ne'eman

Eli Eltonyo

Sharon Alexander
Picho Karmel

Sharon Alexander

Ido Bartal
Adam Koren

Ido Bartal

Shachar Chason
Hertzel Butfika

Shachar Chason

Sigalit Fuchs
Dana Ben-Shoshan

Sigalit Fuchs

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