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Zazie Beetz is a German born, American actress best known for the role of Vanessa on Atlanta. In 2016 she also appeared in the Netflix anthology series Easy. Performing in community theaters and local stages since childhood, Zazie found her joy in grade school and grew up acting as a girl. A German-born New York native, Zazie was raised between Washington Heights and Berlin, speaking both German and English with her family at home. She received training from the Harlem School of the Arts and LaGuardia Arts Highschool, but took time to study French, feel fancy, and live in Paris during her time at Skidmore College. Theater continued to live alongside her love for language and travel, so upon graduating in 2013, she decided to muster up her courage and pursue a career in performing. Living in Harlem now, she has since had the opportunity to work on various New York films and is happy to find herself on diverse sets, with all kinds of colorful people- navigating her way as a working actress. She has studied with Will Bond and Gameela Wright, collaborated with director Bart Freundlich, and will be starring in Donald Glover’s upcoming television series! Zazie is proud to be a part of this unconventional but beautiful community of performers, and has her heart open for whatever is to come.

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Zazie Beetz Movie Credits


Character : Neena Thurman / Domino


Character : Rain


Character : Victoria


James White

Character : Girl #1

Sollers Point

Character : Courtney

Deadpool 2

Character : Neena Thurman / Domino


Character : Astrid


Character : Dana


Character : Angie

High Flying Bird

Character : Sam


Character : Alicia

Against All Enemies

Character : No character defined

Lucy in the Sky

Character : Erin Eccles


Character : Alma

Finding Her

Character : Keysha

Once Upon a Deadpool

Character : Domino


Character : Sophie Dumond

Zazie Beetz Tv Credits


Character : Noelle


Character : Vanessa "Van" Keefer