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Sterling Hayden

Sterling Walter Hayden, born Sterling Relyea Walter, was an American actor and author. He didn't really harbor any aspirations of being an actor, dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and hired on as mate on a schooner. He was a ship's captain at 22, and in need of cash to buy his own boat, established himself as a model in New York, discovered by Paramount Studios talent scouts and offered a contract. Sterling Hayden, the handsome tall blond actor who played wholesome leading-man movie roles in the 1940's and 1950's and later weathered into a rough-hewn solid character actor in films such as ''Dr. Strangelove'', ''The Godfather,'' "Nine to Five" and "King of the Gypsies". He appeared in 71 feature films and tv-productions from the debut in "Virginia" 1941 to the tv mini-series "The Blue and the Gray" in 1982. He wrote of his obsessive fascination with the sea in a 1963 autobiography, ''Wanderer,'' and in 1970 his 700-page epic novel of the sea, ''Voyage,'' was a main selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club. Sterling Hayden appeared in the German documentary, ''Pharos of Chaos,'' (1983) filmed aboard his barge in Europe, and seemed to be in an alcoholic stupor much of the time, supplementing his wine intake with hashish. On camera he said: ''What confuses me is I ain't all that unhappy. So why do I drink, I don't know.''

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Sterling Hayden Movie Credits

The Godfather

Character : Capt. Mark McCluskey

The Killing

Character : Johnny Clay

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Character : Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper


The Long Goodbye

Character : Roger Wade

Crime of Passion

Character : Lt. William Doyle


Character : Leo Dalco

King of the Gypsies

Character : King Zharko Stepanowicz


Character : Howard Anderson

Johnny Guitar

Character : Johnny 'Guitar' Logan

Naked Alibi

Character : Chief Joe Conroy


Character : Joe Cooper

Winter Kills

Character : Z.K. Dawson

The Final Programme

Character : Maj. Wrongway Lindbergh

The Come On

Character : Dave Arnold

The Asphalt Jungle

Character : Dix Handley

Terror in a Texas Town

Character : George Hansen

Prince Valiant

Character : Sir Gawain

Hard Contract

Character : Michael Carlson


Character : Sheriff Tod Shaw

Kansas Pacific

Character : Capt. John Nelson

So Big

Character : Pervis DeJong

Nine to Five

Character : Russell Tinsworthy

Crime Wave

Character : Det. Lt. Sims

Flat Top

Character : Commander Dan Collier

Zero Hour!

Character : Captain Martin Treleaven


Character : Lepridon

Deadly Strangers

Character : Malcolm

Cipolla Colt

Character : Henry 'Jack' Pullitzer

The Outsider

Character : Seamus Flaherty

The Star

Character : Jim Johannsen aka Barry Lester

5 Steps to Danger

Character : John Emmett

A Carol for Another Christmas

Character : Daniel Grudge

Bahama Passage

Character : Adrian Ainsworth

Irving Johnson High Seas Adventurer

Character : Himself

Le saut de l'ange

Character : Mason / Custer

Variety Girl

Character : Himself

Take Me to Town

Character : Will Hall

Ten Days To Tulara

Character : Scotty

Denver and Rio Grande

Character : McCabe

Battle Taxi

Character : Capt. Russ Edwards

Arrow In The Dust

Character : Bart Laish


Character : Clay Hardin

The Golden Hawk

Character : Kit 'The Hawk' Gerardo

El Paso

Character : Sheriff La Farge


Character : Lt. Tod Voorhees

Gun Battle at Monterey

Character : Jay Turner / John York


Character : Norman Williams

Blaze of Noon

Character : Tad McDonald

The Iron Sheriff

Character : Sheriff Samuel Galt

Fighter Attack

Character : Steve

The Eternal Sea

Character : Rear-Adm. John Madison Hoskins


Character : Tim Chipman

The Last Command

Character : Jim Bowie

Journey into Light

Character : Rev, John Burrows

Top Gun

Character : Rick Martin

Leuchtturm des Chaos

Character : Himself

Flaming Feather

Character : Tex McCloud

Ternos Caçadores

Character : Allan


Character : John Huntington Garth

Le Grand Départ

Character : M. Nature / The Leader


Character : Duke Stuyvesant

The Albatross

Character : Glass Man (voice) (archive footage)

Bertolucci secondo il cinema

Character : Himself

Sterling Hayden Tv Credits

Schlitz Playhouse of Stars

Character : No character defined

Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater

Character : No character defined

General Electric Theater

Character : No character defined

The Blue and the Gray

Character : No character defined

Mario Puzo's The Godfather: The complete Novel for Television

Character : Capt. McCluskey