Scott Haze is known for:

Scott Haze Movie Credits

Child of God

Character : Lester Ballard

Old Henry

Character : Curry

The Sound and the Fury

Character : Jason Compson IV


Cop Dog

Character : Lukas

Kill the Czar

Character : D'Antonio Lupin


Character : Security Chief Roland Treece

What Josiah Saw

Character : Thomas Graham

Between Us

Character : Robert

Tunnel Vision

Character : Jolson

The Vault

Character : Michael Dillon


Character : Jim Connor


Character : Frank Weaver

Thank You for Your Service

Character : Michael Adam Emory


Character : Billy

Jurassic World: Dominion

Character : No character defined

Midnight Special

Character : Levi

Sound of Freedom

Character : Chris

Wild Indian

Character : Father Daniels

Future World

Character : Gutter


Character : No character defined

Only the Brave

Character : Clayton Whitted

The Gray Man

Character : No character defined

The Institute

Character : Gunther


Character : Charles Manson

Actors Anonymous

Character : Sean

The Long Home

Character : Wymer

In Dubious Battle

Character : Frank

As I Lay Dying

Character : Skeet McGowan

12 Mighty Orphans

Character : Rodney Kidd

Lennon or McCartney

Character : Self

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