Miranda Tapsell is known for:

Miranda Tapsell Movie Credits

Top End Wedding

Character : Lauren

Words with Gods

Character : Woman (ep. "True Gods")

The Wishmas Tree

Character : Kerry (voice)


Vote Yes

Character : Elizabeth

The Sapphires

Character : Cynthia

The Translator

Character : Julie

Back to the Outback

Character : Zoe (voice)


Character : Davy's Wife

The Dry

Character : Rita Raco

Miranda Tapsell Tv Credits

Wolf Creek

Character : Fatima

Newton's Law

Character : Skye Stewart


Character : Miranda

Love Child

Character : Martha Tennant

Redfern Now

Character : Teneka

Secret City

Character : Sasha Rose

Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation

Character : Herself - Generation Y guest

Get Krack!n

Character : Self

Doctor Doctor

Character : April

The Hundred with Andy Lee

Character : Self