Mark Ashworth is known for:

Mark Ashworth Movie Credits

That's Magic!

Character : Janitor

Lest We Forget

Character : Soldier

Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man

Character : Tinner


The Candy Shop

Character : Police Officer

Fear Itself

Character : Usher


Character : Hophead #1

Along Came the Devil

Character : Dad

Mr. Lockjaw

Character : Mr. Stanley

Love Thy Enemy

Character : Benny

The Magnificent Seven

Character : Preacher


Character : Bartender

The Obama Effect

Character : Nigel the Butler

The Neon Dead

Character : Dunsmore


Character : Bartender

Black Panther

Character : Security Guard

The Leisure Seeker

Character : Angry Young Driver

Grape Soda

Character : Bobby


Character : Isaac

The Secret Garden

Character : No character defined

County Line

Character : Calvin Killby

Legal Action

Character : Geraldo

Mine 9

Character : Kenny


Character : Daniel Shelby

Mark Ashworth Tv Credits

The Walking Dead

Character : Evan