Costas Mandylor
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Costas Mandylor

Costas Mandylor is a Greek Australian film and television actor, best known for his role as Officer Kenny Lacos in the television series _Picket Fences_, and for portraying Mark Hoffman in the feature film franchise _Saw_.

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Costas Mandylor is known for:

Costas Mandylor Movie Credits


Character : Dick Sydney

Shame, Shame, Shame

Character : McCarthy

Sub Zero

Character : John Deckert



Character : Mortemain / Noe

Dr. Chopper

Character : Terrell

Above & Beyond

Character : Michael Amorosa


Character : Jared


Character : No character defined

Saw IV

Character : Hoffman


Character : Frank Costello

Saw VI

Character : Hoffman

Saw 3D

Character : Mark Hoffman

Delta of Venus

Character : Lawrence Walters

Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York

Character : Matt McLaughlin


Character : Gannon

Primal Doubt

Character : Chase Harper

Deep Water

Character : Alan Decker

Scent of Danger

Character : Chris Milos

Almost Dead

Character : Dominic


Character : Cupid on Earth

Saw V

Character : Mark Hoffman

Fatal Past

Character : Costello

Mulberry to Rome

Character : No character defined

Last Exit to Earth

Character : Jaid

The Eavesdropper

Character : Aiden Porter

Just Desserts

Character : Marco Polini


Character : Jacob

Stealth Fighter

Character : Ryan Mitchell

Daddy's Girl

Character : John


Character : Dr. Sutter

Fist of the North Star

Character : Lord Shin

The Cursed

Character : Jimmy Muldoon

Sinners and Saints

Character : Raymond Crowe

Venus Rising

Character : Vegas

Falling For You

Character : Paul Blankenship

Cover Story

Character : Kevin Dodd

Payback II

Character : No character defined

The Fury Within

Character : Mike Hanlon

The Blackout

Character : Jim

Blood Trap

Character : Roman


Character : No character defined

An Affirmative Act

Character : Matthew


Character : Benjamin Poge

Night of the Sicario

Character : Agent Cole Bennett

Hostage Syndrome

Character : Andrei Arbitovich (as Costa Mandyflor)

Double Take

Character : Hector Stroessner / Ray Soldado

The Horde

Character : Cylus Atkinson

Turn of Faith

Character : Bobby Giordano


Character : Congressman Donaldson

Locked In

Character : Harris

The Game of Their Lives

Character : Charlie 'Gloves' Columbo

The Real Deal

Character : Instructor

Immortally Yours

Character : Rex


Character : Nikos Kostantinos

The Nurse

Character : Martin


Character : Billy

Cosmic Sin

Character : Ltg. Tieve

House of Secrets

Character : Detective Morrison

Portraits of a Killer

Character : George G. Kendall


Character : Nathan Delaney

The Shore

Character : No character defined

Triumph of the Spirit

Character : Avram

Born a Champion

Character : Dimitris

2 Bedroom 1 Bath

Character : Frank

Bonanno: A Godfather's Story

Character : Salvatore Maranzano

Just Write

Character : Rich Adams


Character : Dr. Bennett

In Like Flynn

Character : Vassilis


Character : Jack Turner

The Right Girl

Character : Chester Marino


Character : Gianni Uzielli

Trail Blazers

Character : Jasper


Character : John Donovan


Character : Mark

Should've Been Romeo

Character : Mason

Five Thirteen

Character : Sheriff O'Connor

The Pledge

Character : Monash Deputy


Character : Forensic Hoffman

Beyond the Game

Character : No character defined

The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Character : Aquavelva


Character : Hondshew

The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee

Character : Himself

The Doors

Character : Italian Count

Costas Mandylor Tv Credits

7th Heaven

Character : Beau Brewer

Secret Agent Man

Character : No character defined


Character : Rick Lang


Character : Reno Castelli

Tales from the Crypt

Character : No character defined


Character : Bobby Jensen

The Wedding Bells

Character : No character defined

The Outer Limits

Character : No character defined


Character : Tomas Mendez

Picket Fences

Character : Kenny Lacos


Character : Alphonse Royo

Hawaii Five-0

Character : Vasili Shirokov

Lethal Weapon

Character : Stavos

Once Upon a Time

Character : Captain Silver

She Spies

Character : Mica Divornak

FX: The Series

Character : Jerry Tamblin