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Brian Thompson

​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Brian Thompson (born August 28, 1959) is an American actor. His distinctive square-jaw profile, powerful voice, and imposing stature (193 cm, six-foot-four) has led him to star in many action films, and a large number of comedies: Joe Dirt, The Three Amigos, Weird Science, Key West, and Life Stinks.

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Brian Thompson Movie Credits


Character : Dean

Hired to Kill

Character : Frank Ryan

Big Muddy

Character : Wyatt Cooper


The Order

Character : Cyrus Jacob

The Extendables

Character : Vardell Duseldorfer


Character : Kirill

Spirit of a Denture

Character : Jasper Crow

Commando Squad

Character : Clint Jensen


Character : Victor


Character : No character defined

You're So Cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night

Character : Himself

The Owl

Character : Barkeeper


Character : John Singer


Character : Captain Cody

The Longest Sleep

Character : No character defined

Moon 44

Character : Jake O`Neal


Character : Captain Tower

Epoch Evolution

Character : Tower


Character : Night Slasher

Rage and Honor

Character : Conrad Drago

In the Cold of the Night

Character : Phil

The Arcadian

Character : Agmundr

I Am That Man

Character : CIA Agent Gregory Halpin

Made Vicious

Character : Al

The Guardian

Character : Chester Calvado

Put Up Your Dux: The True Story of Bloodsport

Character : Himself

Perfect Target

Character : Major Oxnard

The Naked Truth

Character : Bruno

If Tomorrow Comes

Character : Sergio

Dark Games

Character : Detective Joe Grimes

Doctor Mordrid

Character : Kabal


Character : Russell

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Character : Shao Kahn

Ted & Venus

Character : Herb

El último justo

Character : Shein

Fright Night Part 2

Character : Bozworth

You Talkin' To Me?

Character : James

The Legend of Tillamook's Gold

Character : Jimmy Kimbell

Pass the Ammo

Character : Kenny Hamilton


Character : Brok

Flight of the Living Dead

Character : Kevin

Catch the Heat

Character : Danny Boy

An American Terror

Character : The Junker

Monsters Gone Wild

Character : No character defined

Alien Nation

Character : Trent Porter

Fist of the Warrior

Character : Max


Character : Max

The Tragedy of Macbeth

Character : Murderer

Life Stinks

Character : Mean Victor

Joe Dirt

Character : Buffalo Bob

The Terminator

Character : Punk (uncredited)

Love's Christmas Journey

Character : Cass

¡Three Amigos!

Character : German's Other Friend

After the Shock

Character : Tom

Miracle Mile

Character : Power Lifter

Star Trek: Generations

Character : Klingon Helm

Beyond the Game

Character : Hunter

Three Fugitives

Character : Second Thug

Brian Thompson Tv Credits


Character : War


Character : No character defined

Knight Rider

Character : Kurt

The X-Files

Character : Alien Bounty Hunter


Character : No character defined

Seven Days

Character : No character defined

Alien Nation

Character : No character defined


Character : No character defined

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Character : Luke

Falcon Crest

Character : No character defined

Star Trek: Enterprise

Character : Admiral Valdore

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Character : Second Officer Klag


Character : No character defined

Kindred: The Embraced

Character : Eddie Fiori

Walker, Texas Ranger

Character : No character defined

Weird Science

Character : No character defined


Character : No character defined


Character : MCPO Vince Nutter


Character : Vernon Hill

Key West

Character : No character defined

Something Is Out There

Character : No character defined

Jason and the Argonauts

Character : Hercules

2 Broke Girls

Character : No character defined

Birds of Prey

Character : The Crawler


Character : Cliff

The Orville

Character : Drogen


Character : Mr. Scary

Fatal Vision

Character : Lt. Harrison

Street Hawk

Character : Punk #1

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Character : Inglatu

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Character : Toman'torax


Character : Capt. Vincent Gerrard


Character : Cronus

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Character : The Judge

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Character : Goth the Barbarian


Character : Thomas Binford Shaklee