Alice Braga
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Alice Braga

Alice Braga Moraes (born April 15, 1983) is a Brazilian actress. She has appeared in several films in her native Brazil, most notably as Angélica in 2002's highly acclaimed City of God and as Karina in 2005's Lower City. She has also starred in the Hollywood movies I Am Legend (2007), Repo Men and Predators (both 2010).

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Alice Braga Movie Credits

Cabeça a Prêmio

Character : No character defined

Futuro do Pretérito: Tropicalismo Now!

Character : Lindonéia

I Am Legend

Character : Anna Montez


Cidade Baixa

Character : Karinna


Character : Isabelle

Sólo Dios sabe

Character : Dolores

El Ardor

Character : Vania


Character : Olivia

Cidade de Deus: 10 Anos Depois

Character : No character defined

Uma Vida Inteira

Character : No character defined


Character : Filha Paulista


Character : Woman with dark glasses

Repo Men

Character : Beth


Character : Sondra Terry

The Rite

Character : Angeline

A Via Láctea

Character : Júlia

Muitos Homens Num Só

Character : Eva

The Duel

Character : Marisol

Entre Idas e Vindas

Character : Sandra

O Cheiro do Ralo

Character : Garçonete Dois

Eduardo e Mônica

Character : Mônica

Journey to the End of the Night

Character : Monique

Os Amigos

Character : No character defined

Kill Me Three Times

Character : Alice Taylor


Character : Frey

Crossing Over

Character : Mireya Sanchez

The New Mutants

Character : Dr. Cecilia Reyes

Cidade de Deus

Character : Angélica

On the Road

Character : Terry / Bea Franco

The Shack

Character : Sophia

The Suicide Squad

Character : No character defined

Alice Braga Tv Credits

Film 2013

Character : No character defined

Queen of the South

Character : Teresa Mendoza


Character : Samantha com Y


Character : Host

As Brasileiras

Character : Mirtes

We Are Who We Are

Character : No character defined