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George W. Bush picks Dick Cheney, the CEO of Halliburton Co., to be his Republican running mate in the 2000 presidential election. No stranger to politics, Cheney's impressive résumé includes stints as White House chief of staff, House Minority Whip and defense secretary. When Bush wins by a narrow margin, Cheney begins to use his newfound power to help reshape the country and the world.

Directed by: Adam McKay

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Who Stars in Vice

Christian Bale
Dick Cheney

Christian Bale

Amy Adams
Lynne Cheney

Amy Adams

Steve Carell
Donald Rumsfeld

Steve Carell

Sam Rockwell
George W. Bush

Sam Rockwell

Tyler Perry
Colin Powell

Tyler Perry

Alison Pill
Mary Cheney

Alison Pill


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Review for Vice

Author: Gimly

Being Australian and under 30, Dick Cheney is not someone I ever payed a lot of attention to. I knew he shot that dude and the dude he shot is the one who had to apologise somehow, and that he was one of the evil puppet-master types who stood behind George W. That's it. So while Cheney as a subject matter isn't something I can say I **care** about, it's also not material that's old hat to me either. I ended up watching it only because that's what my mate wanted to do for his birthday, but I'm glad I did. I did not **love** _Vice_, but for the sort of thing I don't normally gravitate towards, I was riveted. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._

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Release Date

Original Language

2 hr 12 mins

$ 60,000,000.00 (Estimated)

$ 66,266,401.00 (USA)

$ 6,266,401.00 (Estimated in USA)


Drama History Comedy

white house war on terror biography iraq war september 11 2001 vice president usa politics

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