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Four women, whose kids attend the same preschool class, get together for a "fun mom dinner". When the night takes an unexpected turn, these unlikely new friends realize they have more in common than just marriage and motherhood.

Directed by: Alethea Jones

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Author: Reno

**When the moms' found each others arm and shoulders!** First it was 'Moms' Night Out', followed by 'Bad Moms' and now this. But this was not as same as those two. Somewhat a different film. It kind of mix of fun and serious. I thought it was kind of inspired by 'Big Little Lies'. Only the settings and the characters, but the rest of the tale was fun version. Though not entirely funny film. There are some serious talks about the life, but then goes off the reality for a second. That terrible mix of commercialisation and art, did not do any good. It was not all about them. I liked the husbands' parts too. What they had talked and what they have learnt, all were interesting and inspiring. Beautiful characters and the performances. Short film and a decent one. It did not do well among the film goers, but I think those moms deserve to return. I would love that, only it has to get a better storyline. Surely it won't happen now. Overall worth a watch, a decent film than what you have seen, heard about it. _6/10_

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