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In an alternate present-day where magical creatures live among us, two L.A. cops become embroiled in a prophesied turf battle.

Directed by: David Ayer

Who Stars in Bright

Will Smith
Daryl Ward

Will Smith

Joel Edgerton
Nick Jakoby

Joel Edgerton

Lucy Fry

Lucy Fry

Noomi Rapace

Noomi Rapace

Edgar Ramírez

Edgar Ramírez

Ike Barinholtz

Ike Barinholtz


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Review for Bright

Author: BadChristian

Everything about Bright is a true achievement in being terrible. For a movie with a very interesting world and a cool premise, Max Landis and David Ayer and the cast managed to create true dog shit. The largest problem lays with Landis's terrible script with some of the worst dialog I have ever heard and Will Smith's acting and (what I can only assume to be) ad-libbing. Every single actor/actress does a terrible job, but I pin at least half of that on Landis. All of the dialog is so stilited and the general plot is so full of holes, so slow and bogged down with nonsense, and incredibly ham-fisted with it's obtuse social commentary. Will Smith is a real actor who has real acting skills, he has two Emmy nominations and five Golden Globe nominations, and although there are a few bad spots on his IMDB page, he usually does a fine job. His performance in Bright is essentially just Will Smith being Will Smith who exclusively speaks in pop culture references (which raise a few questions about the world of Bright [Shrek exists in a world where humans and orcs have lived together for thousands of years?]) and curse words. I guess no one wanted to make Will Smith mad so they let him make whatever stupid quips he wants, but it becomes clear that no one making this film gives half a fuck. As bad as the script and plot are (which is a true testament to Landis's ability to punish the audience) it's almost possible to overlook how terrible the the CG and fight choreography are. The explosions and blood spray are below Windows Movie Maker quality and big fight pieces make no sense and are incredibly lazy and confusing. This movie is so stupid that it can't even follow its own rules. Suspension of disbelief only works when the movie works within its own world. Every 15 minutes, Bright does something that either makes no sense or defies the rules it created. I won't go into it much of it to not spoil anything, but a big part of the movie is the hunt for and protection of a magic wand. In Bright's world, only a "bright" can even hold a magic wand. If any non-bright touches a wand, they instantly explode. There is apparently no way to know if someone is a bright or not is to grab a wand and see if you blow up or not and they make it seem like brights are rare. So, given this, why does everyone seem to think that they are a bright and try and grab the wand? One minor character even manages to and even though they don't become a burst of goo, there is no way it makes sense for them to be a bright. Bright makes no sense and is easily one of the worst movies I have seen. From a technical stand point, the camera work is fine, the sets are fine, the sound equipment works and was mixed properly, but this is only place Bright can get any points. It's stupid. It's stupid, and dumb, and it makes no sense. I usually disagree with the opinion of the media critics 95% of the time, but I have to agree with them here. I like lame Sci-Fi, Action, and Fantasty movies; I legitimately like Suicide Squad (David Ayer and Will Smith's previous collaboration) and I get nothing positive out of Bright. Unless you are looking for a movie to trash with your friends while you are trashed, stay far away from Bright; it is terrible. TERRIBLE.

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1 hr 57 mins

$ 90,000,000.00 (Estimated)


Action Crime Fantasy

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