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A tough cop is dispatched to take down a serial killer who has been targeting police officers.

Directed by: Elliott Lester

Who Stars in Blitz

Jason Statham
Detective Sergeant Tom Brant

Jason Statham

Paddy Considine
Porter Nash

Paddy Considine

Aidan Gillen
Barry Weiss

Aidan Gillen

Zawe Ashton
WPC Elizabeth Falls

Zawe Ashton

Luke Evans
DI Craig Stokes

Luke Evans


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Review for Blitz

Author: John Chard

Blitzkrieg Bop. Jason Statham stars as Brant, a rugged copper with anger issues. He likes a drink or twelve, likes to beat down on bad guys and is a constant source of PR hassle for his superior. When a serial killer known as Blitz (Aidan Gillen) starts killing police officers, Brant takes it personal. It is what it is really, just what you would expect from a Statham movie, where the tagline says it all, Cop Killer Vs Killer Cop! There's lots of chases, fighting, quips, brooding menace and with Brant teamed up with Paddy Considine's gay Officer Nash, some room for cheeky devilment. Director Elliott Lester and cinematographer Rob Hardy favour a scuzzy colour palette that befits the London locations, all while Ilan Eshkeri's sound tracking pounds away its feral beats. One sub-plot involving Zawe Ashton's rehab released copper doesn't serve much of a purpose, and you have to take with a pinch of salt how Blitz goes about his business (he leaves finger prints everywhere!) But it's The Stath kicking butt and that is more often than not good enough for a good time, such is the case here. 6.5/10

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Release Date

Original Language

1 hr 37 mins

$ 15,774,948.00 (Estimated)

$ 741,875.00 (USA)

($ 15,033,073.00) (Estimated in USA)

Crime Action Thriller

london, england based on novel or book homophobia psychopath revenge murder serial killer lawyer arson police detective swat team lgbt hare krishna

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