The Meg

A deep sea submersible pilot revisits his past fears in the Mariana Trench, and accidentally unleashes the seventy foot ancestor of the Great White Shark believed to be extinct.

Release On: 9th - August - 2018

Vote Count: 2591
Vote Average: 5.9/10


A gangster in Malaysia goes in search of his family after 25 years of imprisonment.

Release On: 22nd - July - 2016

Vote Count: 38
Vote Average: 5.8/10


A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal.

Release On: 21st - July - 2016

Vote Count: 317
Vote Average: 5.6/10


In Qing Dynasty, Chen Xiang and Liuli became maids and friends in the imperial palace. Liuli wanted to be famous whereas Chen Xiang just wanted to live a normal life. Liuli attempted to change her life by knowing the prince, even at the cost of betraying Chen Xiang.

Release On: 13th - August - 2013

Vote Count: 5
Vote Average: 8/10


The film tells the story of a retired and widowed Chinese master chef Chu (Si Hung Lung) and his family living in modern day Taipei, Taiwan. At the start of the film, he lives with his three attractive daughters, all of whom are unattached. As the film progresses, each of the daughters encounters new men in their lives. When these new relationships blossom, the stereotypes are broken and the living situation within the family changes.. The film features several scenes displaying the techniques and artistry of gourmet Chinese cooking. Since the family members have difficulty expressing their love for each other, the intricate preparation of banquet quality dishes for their Sunday dinners is the surrogate for their familial feelings.

Release On: 3rd - August - 1994

Vote Count: 109
Vote Average: 7.6/10


A Taiwanese-American man is happily settled in New York with his American boyfriend. He plans a marriage of convenience to a Chinese woman in order to keep his parents off his back and to get the woman a green card. Chaos follows when his parents arrive in New York for the wedding.

Release On: 4th - August - 1993

Vote Count: 77
Vote Average: 7.1/10


At the beginning of the 20th century, China is in a state of crisis. The country is split into warring factions, the citizens are starving, and recent political reforms have made matters worse, not better. The ruling Qing Dynasty, led by a seven-year-old emperor, and his ruthless mother, Empress Dowager Longyu is completely out of touch after 250 years of unquestioned power. Huang Xing has recently returned from Japan, where he has studied the art of modern warfare. When he finds his country falling apart, he feels he has no choice but to pick up the sword.

Release On: 3rd - July - 2011

Vote Count: 58
Vote Average: 5.4/10


Buddhism-themed Chinese-Indian historical adventure film based on Xuanzang's seventeen-year overland journey to India during the Tang dynasty in the seventh century. Xuan Zang (c. 602 - 664), was a Chinese Buddhist monk, scholar, traveler, and translator who described the interaction between China and India in the early Tang dynasty. From boyhood, he took to reading religious books, including the Chinese classics and the writings of ancient sages. He later travelled throughout China in search of sacred books of Buddhism. Subsequently, he developed the desire to visit India. This is when he became famous for his seventeen-year overland journey to India, which is recorded in detail in the classic Chinese text Great Tang Records on the Western Regions.

Release On: 29th - April - 2016

Vote Count: 3
Vote Average: 8.7/10


The Chen family contagiousness extends to taking on an extra-marital affair. Gua Ah-leh is at the movie's centre: she shines as Lung's wife, who finds she has a thing or two to learn from the gigolo after Lung blithely. Lang Hisung plays old dentist for broad comedy he is sixty years old.

Release On: 10th - September - 1996

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 7.5/10


Foon escapes an arranged marriage by walking the road of a Ji Sor. After an affair with Shing, she becomes pregnant. An attempted abortion nearly costs Foon her life. Wan, the young owner of a silk factory, rescues her. Wan and Foon share their romances, reflecting the experience of women during the 40's.

Release On: 23rd - October - 1997

Vote Count: 6
Vote Average: 7.1/10


Zhang Chi, a hubris and dominating six-time racing champion, falls from grace following a crisis. After a five-year suspension from the motorsport, the now single-father to a six-year-old boy throws down the gauntlet once again.

Release On: 5th - February - 2019

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 7/10


Yu Lei plays an orphan Xiu Xiu, who is married to a foreign land when she was 3. Her husband, a hunter (Lau Hok Yin), doesn't know how to love her. So a passionate affair is unavoidable when she meets up with a military doctor (Winston Chao).

Release On: 25th - August - 1995

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 7/10


Three directors deliver three stories about the love of in the modern world.

Release On: 6th - January - 1994

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 7/10


Chronicles the love life of a man, Zhenbao. He has a steamy fling with the wife of a friend, the saucy and exciting Red Rose. Even though he feels happy with her, he knows he will not end up with her. To maintain his reputation, he marries an antiseptic, frigid but classy lady of a prim and proper background (White rose). Dissonance abound when he finds his bride irritating.

Release On: 9th - December - 1994

Vote Count: 6
Vote Average: 7/10


The Soong family was a political dynasty in China that reached the highest levels of power. This film follows the lives of the three Soong daughters, who were educated in America and returned to China. Ai-ling (the oldest) married a wealthy and powerful businessman. Ching-ling married Sun Yat-sen, the revolutionary founder of modern China. Mei-ling (the youngest) married Chiang Kai-shek, China's leader during World War II. The sisters captured the world's fascination for their brilliant marriages and their strong influence on their nation.

Release On: 1st - January - 1997

Vote Count: 6
Vote Average: 6.8/10


A gutsy police detecive and his team of cops probe into the widespread illegal dealings of a criminal mastermind who schemes to redeem himself by running for government office in taiwan.

Release On: 23rd - December - 1997

Vote Count: 4
Vote Average: 6/10

The Touch

A sister and brother, the last heirs of a family of acrobats, are called upon by a Buddhist monk sect to retrieve an artifact that their ancestors have protected throughout the ages.

Release On: 1st - August - 2002

Vote Count: 13
Vote Average: 5.8/10


The story of Chinese legendary anti-hero Zhong Kui, a young man endowed with mysterious powers who is forced into a battle among the realms of Heaven, Earth and Hell in the course of his attempt to save his countrymen and the woman he loves.

Release On: 19th - February - 2015

Vote Count: 22
Vote Average: 5.1/10


A woman stops waiting for her med student boyfriend and marries a rich man so she can pay her grandmother's medical bills.

Release On: 24th - August - 1995

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 5/10


A monster crosses paths with the foursome from the classic Chinese story Journey To The West.

Release On: 18th - December - 2015

Vote Count: 4
Vote Average: 4.8/10