What are the best movies in theaters 1955

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Lady and the Tramp

Lady, a golden cocker spaniel, meets up with a mongrel dog who calls himself the Tramp. He is obviously from the wrong side of town, but happenings at Lady's home make her decide to travel with him for a while.

Release On: 22nd - June - 1955

Vote Count: 4225
Vote Average: 7.1/10

Marcelino pan y vino

Left on the doorstep of a monastery as an infant, Marcelino was raised by the monks. He was well-cared for but lonely and missed having a mother. One day he found a special friend in the forbidden attic, hanging on a cross. A friend that would repay Marcelino's kindness by granting him one heart-felt wish.

Release On: 24th - February - 1955

Vote Count: 169
Vote Average: 7.1/10

The Trouble with Harry

Trouble erupts in a small, quiet New England town when a man's body is found in the woods. The problem is that almost everyone in town thinks that they had something to do with his death.

Release On: 3rd - October - 1955

Vote Count: 566
Vote Average: 7.1/10

Rebel Without a Cause

After moving to a new town, troublemaking teen Jim Stark is supposed to have a clean slate, although being the new kid in town brings its own problems. While searching for some stability, Stark forms a bond with a disturbed classmate, Plato, and falls for local girl Judy. However, Judy is the girlfriend of neighborhood tough, Buzz. When Buzz violently confronts Jim and challenges him to a drag race, the new kid's real troubles begin.

Release On: 29th - October - 1955

Vote Count: 1168
Vote Average: 7.6/10


The young Bavarian princess Elisabeth, who all call Sissi, goes with her mother and older sister Néné to Austria where Néné will be wed to an emperor named Franz Joseph, Yet unexpectedly Franz runs into Sissi while out fishing and they fall in love.

Release On: 22nd - December - 1955

Vote Count: 364
Vote Average: 7.4/10

Killer's Kiss

The film revolves around Davey Gordon, a 29 year old welterweight New York boxer in the end of his career, and his relationship with a dancer and her violent employer.

Release On: 1st - October - 1955

Vote Count: 365
Vote Average: 6.4/10

East of Eden

In the Salinas Valley in and around World War I, Cal Trask feels he must compete against overwhelming odds with his brother for the love of their father. Cal is frustrated at every turn, from his reaction to the war, how to get ahead in business and in life, and how to relate to his estranged mother.

Release On: 10th - April - 1955

Vote Count: 524
Vote Average: 7.6/10

The Seven Year Itch

With his family away for their annual summer holiday, Richard Sherman decides he has the opportunity to live a bachelor's life. The beautiful but ditzy blonde from the apartment above catches his eye and they soon start spending time together—maybe a little too much time!

Release On: 3rd - June - 1955

Vote Count: 620
Vote Average: 7.1/10


Marty, a butcher who lives in the Bronx with his mother is unmarried at 34. Good-natured but socially awkward he faces constant badgering from family and friends to get married but has reluctantly resigned himself to bachelorhood. Marty meets Clara, an unattractive school teacher, realising their emotional connection, he promises to call but family and friends try to convince him not to.

Release On: 11th - April - 1955

Vote Count: 252
Vote Average: 7.5/10


Two fishing scout pilots make a horrifying discovery when they encounter a second Godzilla alongside a new monster named Anguirus. Without the weapon that killed the original, authorities attempt to lure Godzilla away from the mainland. But Anguirus soon arrives and the two monsters make their way towards Osaka as Japan braces for tragedy.

Release On: 24th - April - 1955

Vote Count: 161
Vote Average: 6/10

Kiss Me Deadly

One evening, Hammer gives a ride to Christina, an attractive hitchhiker on a lonely country road, who has escaped from the nearby lunatic asylum. Thugs waylay them and force his car to crash. When Hammer returns to semi-consciousness, he hears Christina being tortured until she dies. Hammer, both for vengeance and in hopes that "something big" is behind it all, decides to pursue the case.

Release On: 28th - April - 1955

Vote Count: 251
Vote Average: 7.2/10

The Man From Laramie

Will Lockhart arrives in Coronado, an isolated town in New Mexico, in search of someone who sells rifles to the Apache tribe, finding himself unwillingly drawn into the convoluted life of a local ranching family whose members seem to have a lot to hide.

Release On: 19th - August - 1955

Vote Count: 153
Vote Average: 7.2/10

Mister Roberts

Mr. Roberts is as an officer who's yearning for battle but is stuck in the backwaters of World War II on a non-commissioned Navy ship run by the bullying Captain Morton.

Release On: 10th - July - 1955

Vote Count: 104
Vote Average: 7/10

To Catch a Thief

An ex-thief is accused of enacting a new crime spree, so to clear his name he sets off to catch the new thief, who’s imitating his signature style.

Release On: 3rd - August - 1955

Vote Count: 1090
Vote Average: 7.4/10


This joyous celebration of frontier life combines tender romance and violent passion in the Oklahoma Territory of the 1900s with a timeless score filled with unforgettable songs. Rodgers and Hammerstein's hit Broadway musical.

Release On: 10th - October - 1955

Vote Count: 111
Vote Average: 6.6/10

Les Diaboliques

The cruel and abusive headmaster of a boarding school, Michel Delassalle, is murdered by an unlikely duo -- his meek wife and the mistress he brazenly flaunts. The women become increasingly unhinged by a series of odd occurrences after Delassalle's corpse mysteriously disappears.

Release On: 29th - January - 1955

Vote Count: 653
Vote Average: 7.9/10

All That Heaven Allows

Two different social classes collide when Cary Scott, a wealthy upper-class widow, falls in love with her much younger and down-to-earth gardener, prompting disapproval and criticism from her children and country club friends.

Release On: 25th - December - 1955

Vote Count: 201
Vote Average: 7.3/10

This Island Earth

Aliens have landed and are hiding on Earth, but need Earth’s scientists to help them fight an inter-planetary war.

Release On: 1st - June - 1955

Vote Count: 141
Vote Average: 6/10

Du rififi chez les hommes

Out of prison after a five-year stretch, jewel thief Tony turns down a quick job his friend Jo offers him, until he discovers that his old girlfriend Mado has become the lover of local gangster Pierre Grutter during Tony's absence. Expanding a minor smash-and-grab into a full-scale jewel heist, Tony and his crew appear to get away clean, but their actions after the job is completed threaten the lives of everyone involved.

Release On: 13th - April - 1955

Vote Count: 355
Vote Average: 7.9/10

Blackboard Jungle

Richard Dadier is a teacher at North Manual High School, an inner-city school where many of the pupils frequently engage in anti-social behavior. Dadier makes various attempts to engage the students' interest in education, challenging both the school staff and the pupils. He is subjected to violence as well as duplicitous schemes.

Release On: 25th - March - 1955

Vote Count: 107
Vote Average: 7/10