What are the best movies in theaters 1934

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It Happened One Night

A renegade reporter and a crazy young heiress meet on a bus heading for New York, and end up stuck with each other when the bus leaves them behind at one of the stops.

Release On: 22nd - February - 1934

Vote Count: 922
Vote Average: 7.9/10

Tarzan and His Mate

Harry Holt returns to Africa with his friend Martin Arlington to head up a large ivory expedition.

Release On: 20th - April - 1934

Vote Count: 108
Vote Average: 6.6/10

The Thin Man

A husband and wife detective team takes on the search for a missing inventor and almost get killed for their efforts.

Release On: 25th - May - 1934

Vote Count: 331
Vote Average: 7.6/10

The Man Who Knew Too Much

While vacationing in St. Moritz, a British couple receive a clue to an imminent assassination attempt, only to learn that their daughter has been kidnapped to keep them quiet.

Release On: 1st - December - 1934

Vote Count: 275
Vote Average: 6.4/10

The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf torments Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs.

Release On: 14th - April - 1934

Vote Count: 75
Vote Average: 6.5/10


Capricious small-town girl Juliette and barge captain Jean marry after a whirlwind courtship, and she comes to live aboard his boat, L'Atalante. As they make their way down the Seine, Jean grows weary of Juliette's flirtations with his all-male crew, and Juliette longs to escape the monotony of the boat and experience the excitement of a big city. When she steals away to Paris by herself, her husband begins to think their marriage was a mistake.

Release On: 24th - April - 1934

Vote Count: 311
Vote Average: 7.6/10

The Black Cat

After a road accident in Hungary, the American honeymooners Joan and Peter and the enigmatic Dr. Werdegast find refuge in the house of the famed architect Hjalmar Poelzig, who shares a dark past with the doctor.

Release On: 7th - May - 1934

Vote Count: 185
Vote Average: 6.8/10

Of Human Bondage

Club-footed medical school student Philip Carey falls in love with cynical waitress Mildred Rogers. She rejects him and runs off with a salesman, later returning pregnant and unmarried. Philip takes her in, though "happily ever after" is not to be.

Release On: 20th - July - 1934

Vote Count: 86
Vote Average: 6.6/10

Babes in Toyland

Ollie Dee and Stanley Dum try to borrow money from their employer, the toymaker, to pay off the mortgage on Mother Peep's shoe and keep it and Little Bo Peep from the clutches of the evil Barnaby. When that fails, they trick Barnaby into marrying Stanley Dum instead of Bo Peep. Enraged, Barnaby unleashes the bogeymen from their caverns to destroy Toyland.

Release On: 14th - December - 1934

Vote Count: 97
Vote Average: 6.7/10

The Grasshopper and the Ants

As in the classic fable, the grasshopper plays his fiddle and lives for the moment, while the industrious ants squirrel away massive amounts of food for the winter. With his song, he's able to convince at least one small ant until the queen arrives and scares him back to work. The queen warns the grasshopper of the trouble he'll be in, come winter. Winter comes, and the grasshopper, near starvation, stumbles across the ants, who are having a full-on feast in their snug little tree. They take him in and warm him up. The queen tells him only those who work can eat so he must play for them. Written by Jon Reeves

Release On: 10th - February - 1934

Vote Count: 78
Vote Average: 6.6/10

The Wise Little Hen

Join Donald Duck in his debut in the classic animated short The Wise Little Hen. The Little Hen is planting corn and would like to have help from Peter Pig and Donald Duck, but they refuse stating they each have a "tummy ache." When it comes time to harvest the corn, Peter Pig and Donald still refuse to help the Hen, so she and her chicks do the harvest by themselves. Finally, the hen cooks the corn and offers some to Donald and Peter Pig, but when they look more carefully they discover a surprise.

Release On: 8th - June - 1934

Vote Count: 71
Vote Average: 6.4/10

The Scarlet Empress

During the 18th century, German noblewoman Sophia Frederica, who would later become Catherine the Great, travels to Moscow to marry the dimwitted Grand Duke Peter, the heir to the Russian throne. Their arranged marriage proves to be loveless, and Catherine takes many lovers, including the handsome Count Alexei, and bears a son. When the unstable Peter eventually ascends to the throne, Catherine plots to oust him from power.

Release On: 9th - May - 1934

Vote Count: 87
Vote Average: 6.9/10

The Man From Utah

The Marshal sends John Weston to a rodeo to see if he can find out who is killing the rodeo riders who are about to win the prize money. Barton has organized the rodeo and plans to leave with all the prize money put up by the townspeople. When it appears that Weston will beat Barton's rider, he has his men prepare the same fate for him that befell the other riders.

Release On: 15th - May - 1934

Vote Count: 19
Vote Average: 5/10


The queen of Egypt barges the Nile and flirts with Mark Antony and Julius Caesar.

Release On: 5th - October - 1934

Vote Count: 52
Vote Average: 6.1/10

The Gay Divorcee

Seeking a divorce from her absentee husband, Mimi Glossop travels to an English seaside resort. There she falls in love with dancer Guy Holden, whom she later mistakes for the corespondent her lawyer hired.

Release On: 12th - October - 1934

Vote Count: 84
Vote Average: 7.1/10

It's a Gift

After he inherits some money, Harold Bissonette ("pronounced bis-on-ay") decides to give up the grocery business, move to California and run an orange grove. Despite his family's objections and the news that the land he bought is worthless, Bissonette packs up and drives out to California with his nagging wife Amelia and children.

Release On: 30th - November - 1934

Vote Count: 66
Vote Average: 6.4/10

Les Misérables

The lives of numerous people over the course of 20 years in 19th century France, weaved together by the story of an ex-convict named Jean Valjean on the run from an obsessive police inspector, who pursues him for only a minor offense.

Release On: 3rd - February - 1934

Vote Count: 39
Vote Average: 7.9/10

The Scarlet Pimpernel

18th century English aristocrat Sir Percy Blakeney leads a double life. He appears to be merely the effete aristocrat, but in reality is part of an underground effort to free French nobles from Robespierre's Reign of Terror.

Release On: 20th - December - 1934

Vote Count: 45
Vote Average: 7.1/10

The Lawless Frontier

Tobin is after the bandit Zanti who killed his parents. He finds him just as Zanti is about to kill Dusty and kidnap Ruby. Saving the two, he goes after Zanti. He catches him but Zanti escapes the Sheriff's handcuff's and this time Tobin has to chase him into the desert.

Release On: 22nd - November - 1934

Vote Count: 21
Vote Average: 4.9/10

The Trail Beyond

Rod Drew hunts for a missing girl and finds himself in a fight over a goldmine as well.

Release On: 22nd - October - 1934

Vote Count: 17
Vote Average: 4.6/10