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The classic tale of Dante's journey through hell, loosely adapted from the Divine Comedy and inspired by the illustrations of Gustav Doré. This historically important film stands as the first feature from Italy and the oldest fully-surviving feature in the world, and boasts beautiful sets and special effects that stand above other cinema of the era.

Release On: 1st - July - 1911

Vote Count: 100
Vote Average: 6.4/10

Ungdommens Ret

Directed by August Blom.

Release On: 2nd - January - 1911

Vote Count: 146
Vote Average: 5.8/10

Little Nemo

Cartoon figures announce, via comic strip balloons, that they will move - and move they do, in a wildly exaggerated style. Also known as "Winsor McCay, the Famous Cartoonist of the N.Y. Herald and His Moving Comics".

Release On: 8th - April - 1911

Vote Count: 57
Vote Average: 6.5/10

The Lonedale Operator

A young woman takes over her sick father's role as telegraph operator at a railway station, and has to deal with a team intent on train robbery.

Release On: 23rd - March - 1911

Vote Count: 41
Vote Average: 6.1/10

His Trust

A Confederate officer is called off to war. He leaves his wife and daughter in the care of George, his faithful Negro servant. After the officer is killed in battle, George continues in his caring duties, faithful to his trust.

Release On: 16th - January - 1911

Vote Count: 21
Vote Average: 4.1/10

Captain Kate

Two caravans meet on the desert, one headed by Howell and Clancy, two New York men, who are gathering animals for circus purposes, the other is led by an old animal tamer named Desmond and his beautiful daughter, whom the natives have nicknamed Capt. Kate. After exchanging cards, the caravans go their separate ways. Desmond is stricken and dies, leaving Kate alone. She assumes her father's perilous business, leading her party of native hunters after big game. Later, one of the hunters is stricken and the superstitious followers of Capt. Kate, recognizing the nature of the disease, abandon the hunt and their leader, one servant alone remaining faithful to his mistress. Kate, realizing that she can go no further without assistance, calls a halt and they erect a crude hut in which she is to live, while the servant goes in search of Clancy. Scene of Kate's isolated life and her dangers follow. She is besieged by wild animals, who make her life a long nightmare of peril.

Release On: 12th - July - 1911

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 4/10

L'orgie romaine

The tyrant Emperor Heliogabalus lives a life of debauchery and set lions loose among his guests.

Release On: 24th - November - 1911

Vote Count: 14
Vote Average: 5.6/10

The Miser's Heart

Thieves decide to steal the money an old miser has hidden away. He refuses to open the safe for them, so they threaten to kill a little girl who lives in his building.

Release On: 20th - November - 1911

Vote Count: 12
Vote Average: 6/10

Through Jealous Eyes

A jealous mother is envious of the affection shown toward her future daughter-in-law by her husband.

Release On: 17th - August - 1911

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Aux lions les chrétiens

A biblical drama.

Release On: 25th - November - 1911

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

La nuit de noces de Calino

Early Calino short

Release On: 31st - December - 1911

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Greater Love Hath No Man

Short film by Alice Guy about a Western love triangle.

Release On: 29th - June - 1911

Vote Count: 8
Vote Average: 6.1/10

Calino veut être cow-boy

Calino wants to live the cowboy life and travels to America to see the West.

Release On: 10th - June - 1911

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 4/10

Os Crimes de Diogo Alves

Diogo Alves is a Spanish fugitive that comes to the Portuguese capital terrorizing the inhabitants by his cut-throat methods against rich and poor people alike. He attacks the women launderers on the Lisbon Aqueduct and throws the bodies over the high wall, and assaults homes with his large band of criminals. Eventually arrested, he, his female companion and his henchmen are condemned to death by the court.

Release On: 25th - April - 1911

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 5.5/10

The Battle

Union soldiers march off to battle amid cheering crowds. After the battle turns against the Union Army, one soldier runs away, hiding in his girlfriend's house. Ashamed of his cowardice, he finds his courage and crosses enemy lines to bring help to his trapped comrades.

Release On: 6th - November - 1911

Vote Count: 10
Vote Average: 4.9/10

Panorama na Grevena

Early Balkan footage.

Release On: 18th - September - 1911

Vote Count: 10
Vote Average: 5/10


An adaptation of Dante Alighieri's Inferno from the Divine Comedy.

Release On: 1st - January - 1911

Vote Count: 15
Vote Average: 6.6/10

Life on the Border

Life on the Border is a true story of life in the early days of America. It is the terrible experience of a young pioneer mother left alone for the day in her wilderness home with only a five-year-old child as company. The mother is accidentally imprisoned in a woodshed near the cabin, by her child. The little one tries in vain to lift the heavy latch, and while the mother is thus imprisoned, a bear, being pursued by a band of prowling Indians, arrives upon the scene. Frightened nearly to death, the child hides near a pile of logs. The imprisoned mother, thoroughly frightened, becomes frantic as the pursuing Indians come upon the scene. The Indians explore the grounds and ransack the empty cabin, finding the "fire water" and medicine chest. In their subsequent hilarity they set fire to the cabin and out-buildings, among them the shed in which the terrified mother is imprisoned. The drunken Indians, suddenly remembering the bear, depart in search of the animal.

Release On: 22nd - August - 1911

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 4/10

Turskiot sultan Mehmed V Rešad vo poseta na Solun

Early Balkan footage.

Release On: 18th - September - 1911

Vote Count: 9
Vote Average: 4.9/10

Swords and Hearts

A poor girl is secretly in love with a wealthy young planter.

Release On: 27th - August - 1911

Vote Count: 13
Vote Average: 4.6/10