What are the best movies in theaters 1909

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A Corner in Wheat

On a whim, a greedy tycoon decides to corner the world market in wheat. This doubles the price of bread, forcing grain producers into charity lines and others further into poverty. The film contrasts the differences between the lives of those who work to grow the wheat and the life of the man who dabbles in its sale for profit.

Release On: 13th - December - 1909

Vote Count: 73
Vote Average: 6.2/10

Those Awful Hats

A pair of young ladies cause trouble at the cinema with their lavish hats.

Release On: 25th - January - 1909

Vote Count: 41
Vote Average: 6.1/10

The Country Doctor

While caring for his sick daughter, a doctor is called away to the sickbed of a neighbor. He finds the neighbor gravely ill, and ignores his wife's pleas to come home and care for his own daughter, who has taken a turn for the worse.

Release On: 8th - July - 1909

Vote Count: 29
Vote Average: 6.2/10

The Lonely Villa

A gang of thieves lure a man out of his home so that they can rob it and threaten his wife and children. The family barricade themselves in an interior room, but the criminals are well-equipped for breaking in. When the father finds out what is happening, he must race against time to get back home.

Release On: 10th - June - 1909

Vote Count: 47
Vote Average: 6.2/10

Le locataire diabolique

A man rents an apartment and furnishes it in remarkable fashion.

Release On: 1st - January - 1909

Vote Count: 49
Vote Average: 6.8/10

A Trap for Santa Claus

Even the great D.W. Griffith made holiday films back in the day. Of course, he put his own spin on the genre and made something quite unique. In A TRAP FOR SANTA, the children attempt to capture the man-in-the-red-suit but they catch something else entirely.

Release On: 20th - December - 1909

Vote Count: 16
Vote Average: 5.4/10

The Lure of the Gown

"Fine feathers make fine birds", and handsome gowns make handsome women. Hence it is when Isabelle appears on the scene clad in a gown that is a masterpiece of the dressmaker's art she easily fascinates the male contingent, among whom is Enrico, the sweetheart of Veronica, a street singer. Enrico is so enraptured at the sight of Isabelle in her resplendent attire that he becomes her abject slave, casting aside the poor, peasant-clad little Italian street singer, who has loved him devotedly. Crushed almost beyond endurance the poor girl stands sobbing at the entrance of the park where the inconsistent lever left her. Her tears attract the attention of a wealthy young couple who happen to pass. In answer to their queries she tells them how contemptibly her sweetheart acted, and all because of the fascinating influence of a gown.

Release On: 15th - March - 1909

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 4.5/10

The Way of Man

A woman is scarred in an accident and refuses to stand in the way of her lover's marriage to another.

Release On: 28th - June - 1909

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 4/10

The Little Darling

This might be termed a comedy of errors, for the overzealousness of a lot of good-hearted simple folks places them in a rather embarrassing position. Lillie Green, who keeps a boarding house, receives a letter from her old school chum, Polly Brown, whom sin hasn't seen in years, to the effect that as Lillie has never seen her little darling daughter, she will send her for a few days' visit, asking that someone meet the child at the 3:40 train. Lillie's boarders are a bunch of kind-hearted bachelors, who at once prepare to give the "Little Darling" the time of her life, buying a load of toys, etc., for her amusement, also procuring a baby carriage with which to meet her at the train. You may imagine their embarrassment when they find that Tootsie, instead of being a baby, proves to be a handsome young lady of seventeen, whose tastes run rather to garden gates, shady lanes and quiet nooks, than toys. (Moving Picture World)

Release On: 1st - September - 1909

Vote Count: 8
Vote Average: 4.8/10

Schneider’s Anti-Noise Crusade

Schneider is trying to write a speech but he can't concentrate with all the noise around him. During the night, Schneider catches burglars in his house, but when he sees they are stealing all the noisy distractions, he helps them get away.

Release On: 8th - April - 1909

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

The Faded Lilies

A disfigured violinist mistakes a token of appreciation for a love bouquet. When he realizes his mistake, he loses his mind.

Release On: 17th - June - 1909

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 4/10

The Awakening

A confirmed bachelor learns that he will inherit his late uncle's fortune only if he marries, which he does reluctantly. Shortly afterward he returns to his bachelor lifestyle but realizes he can't get his wife's face out of his thoughts.

Release On: 29th - September - 1909

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 4/10

The Son's Return

A son leaves to seek his fortune in the city. Many years later he returns and checks into his parents' inn. They don't recognize him, but noticing his fat wallet, plan to rob him.

Release On: 14th - June - 1909

Vote Count: 6
Vote Average: 6.3/10

Her First Biscuits

A new bride has made a batch of biscuits. Her husband pretends to like them, so she delivers the rest to his office. But one bite of these biscuits makes you violently ill, and soon all his visitors (he runs a theatrical booking agency), plus the workmen at home, are ill; when she shows up at the office, they all go after her.

Release On: 17th - June - 1909

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 4/10

The Sealed Room

The Count sets out to make a private room for him and his Countess, built in such a way no one can see, hear, and most importantly, disturb them. But unbeknownst to the Count, his wife has set her eyes on the court minstrel. Based on Edgar Allan Poe's “The Cask of Amontillado” and Honoré de Balzac's “La Grande Breteche”.

Release On: 2nd - September - 1909

Vote Count: 21
Vote Average: 5.3/10

Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy

A smoker falls asleep, and two mischievious fairies play with his pipe. He discovers this, and imprisons them in a cigar box. He removes a flower from the box, which contains a fairy smoking a cigarette. Next, he leaves briefly while his smoking paraphenalia clears itself from the table and the flower reassembles itself into a cigar. He lights the cigar, then breaks a bottle containing the fairy, who interacts with him in various ways reeling from his cigar smoke, building a bonfire that he extinguishes, etc.

Release On: 10th - August - 1909

Vote Count: 37
Vote Average: 5.9/10

Nerone, o la caduta di Roma

Roman emperor Nero is used to getting what he wants. He has grown tired of his wife Octavia, and has become infatuated with Poppea. He succeeds in making Poppea the new empress, but soon he faces opposition from an outraged populace. Informed of the danger of an imminent popular uprising, Nero orders to set fire to the city, which he watches from a terrace, rejoicing and playing his lyra.

Release On: 28th - October - 1909

Vote Count: 20
Vote Average: 5.5/10

What Drink Did

A man leaves his wife and two daughters for work in a carpentry shop. At work, he initially refuses a beer with lunch, then gives in. After work, two friends take a little while to convince him to go for a refreshing malt beverage, then to have another and another....

Release On: 2nd - June - 1909

Vote Count: 11
Vote Average: 4.7/10

The Gibson Goddess

A pack of admirers won't leave a beautiful woman alone at a seaside resort, so she devises a plan. She appears in a leg-revealing swimsuit, but the stockings have been stuffed with cotton to make her limbs appear misshapen. All but one of the men is driven off, and regret it when she removes the misleading leggings.

Release On: 1st - November - 1909

Vote Count: 6
Vote Average: 4.2/10

Through the Breakers

A society couple, neglect their young daughter in favor of their social life. When the girl becomes seriously ill, the father realizes the errors of his ways and stays home with her, demanding his wife do likewise. She sneaks out to a dance and the child takes a turn for the worse. By the time she returns home the child is dead. After her husband leaves her, the mother realizes her selfishness and begs forgiveness at her daughter's grave.

Release On: 6th - December - 1909

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 4/10