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Roundhay Garden Scene

The earliest surviving celluloid film, and believed second moving picture ever created, was shot by Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince using the LPCCP Type-1 MkII single-lens camera. It was taken in the garden of Oakwood Grange, the Whitley family house in Roundhay, Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire (UK), possibly on 14 October 1888. It shows Adolphe Le Prince (Le Prince's son), Mrs. Sarah Whitley (Le Prince's mother-in-law), Joseph Whitley and Miss Harriet Hartley walking around in circles, laughing to themselves and keeping within the area framed by the camera. The Roundhay Garden Scene was recorded at 12 frames per second and runs for 2.11 seconds.

Release On: 14th - October - 1888

Vote Count: 152
Vote Average: 6.4/10

Traffic Crossing Leeds Bridge

A film by Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince, shot in late October 1888, showing pedestrians and carriages crossing Leeds Bridge.

Release On: 15th - October - 1888

Vote Count: 88
Vote Average: 6/10

Accordion Player

The last remaining film of Le Prince's LPCCP Type-1 MkII single-lens camera is a sequence of frames of his son, Adolphe Le Prince, playing a diatonic button accordion. It was recorded on the steps of the house of Joseph Whitley, Adolphe's grandfather.

Release On: 1st - January - 1888

Vote Count: 54
Vote Average: 4.7/10

Pferd und Reiter Springen Über ein Hindernis

A horse with rider jumping over an obstacle. A scientific film made for the Prussian army to help their soldiers improve their horseback riding technique.

Release On: 31st - May - 1888

Vote Count: 19
Vote Average: 5.2/10

Brighton Street Scene

Lost film from 1888, directed by William Friese-Greene.

Release On: 1st - January - 1888

Vote Count: 4
Vote Average: 5/10