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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

An American Ambassador is killed during an attack at a U.S. compound in Libya as a security team struggles to make sense out of the chaos.

Release On: 13th - January - 2016

Vote Count: 2069
Vote Average: 7.1/10

Lion of the Desert

This movie tells the story of Omar Mukhtar, an Arab Muslim rebel who fought against the Italian conquest of Libya in WWII. It gives western viewers a glimpse into this little-known region and chapter of history, and exposes the savage means by which the conquering army attempted to subdue the natives.

Release On: 17th - April - 1981

Vote Count: 88
Vote Average: 7.3/10


Witek runs after a train. Three variations follow on how such a seemingly banal incident could influence the rest of Witek's life.

Release On: 10th - January - 1987

Vote Count: 88
Vote Average: 7.8/10

The Hill

North Africa, World War II. British soldiers on the brink of collapse push beyond endurance to struggle up a brutal incline. It's not a military objective. It's The Hill, a manmade instrument of torture, a tower of sand seared by a white-hot sun. And the troops' tormentors are not the enemy, but their own comrades-at-arms.

Release On: 17th - June - 1965

Vote Count: 99
Vote Average: 7.6/10

Point and Shoot

At first glance, Matthew VanDyke—a shy Baltimore native with a sheltered upbringing and a tormenting OCD diagnosis—is the last person you’d imagine on the front lines of the 2011 Libyan revolution. But after finishing grad school and escaping the U.S. for "a crash course in manhood," a winding path leads him just there. Motorcycling across North Africa and the Middle East and spending time as an embedded journalist in Iraq, Matthew lands in Libya, forming an unexpected kinship with a group of young men who transform his life. Matthew joins his friends in the rebel army against Gaddafi, taking up arms (and a camera). Along the way, he is captured and held in solitary confinement for six terrifying months. Academy Awa

Release On: 19th - April - 2014

Vote Count: 24
Vote Average: 7/10

Elimination Game

In the wake of a shocking civilian massacre in a foreign war zone, disgraced Navy SEAL Rick Tyler is sentenced to rot in a maximum security military prison until he is offered the opportunity to put his life on the line to win his freedom. A one-man force of nature, Tyler will have to take-on and take-down some of the world's most ruthless killers in some of the world's most brutal locations to win the game, obtain his freedom and find out why he was set up. The question is, can he accomplish all of this before Game On is Game Over?

Release On: 4th - December - 2014

Vote Count: 13
Vote Average: 4.6/10

The Black Tent

The Black Tent is a 1956 British war film directed by Brian Desmond Hurst and starring Donald Sinden, Anthony Steel, Anna Maria Sandri, André Morell and Donald Pleasence. It is set in North Africa, during the Second World War and was filmed on location in Libya.During the British retreat through Libya, a British officer takes shelter with a group of Arab Bedouin. He marries the chief's daughter. Sometime later his younger brother, who had believed him to be dead, is informed that he may be alive in Libya - prompting him to set out and search for him.

Release On: 9th - April - 1956

Vote Count: 5
Vote Average: 6/10

Mad Dog: Gaddafi's Secret World

Featuring real interviews and archive footage, this documentary gives an overview of Gaddafi's tyrannical reign over Libya from his early life until his death in 2011.

Release On: 3rd - February - 2014

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 7/10

Bitter Victory

During the second world war, two British officers, Brand and Leith, who have never seen combat are assigned a vital mission. Their relationship and the operation are complicated by the arrival of Brand's wife, who had a tryst with Leith years earlier.

Release On: 28th - August - 1957

Vote Count: 20
Vote Average: 6.2/10


This story is not a figment of the scriptwriters’ imagination; these are real living facts. New Russian action movie Shugaley is a story about the war that is going on today. The film is based on real events taking place in Libya today. Two Russian social scientists, Maxim Shugaley and Samir Seifan, are invited to the conflict-torn country to carry out a public opinion research. In the course of their work, they come over the information, that would be damaging to the puppet government if made public. Russians are kidnapped and tortured in a private prison for more than a year. The situation cannot be resolved peacefully, so the Russian side is preparing a rescue operation. Premiere date - end of april 2020

Release On: 11th - May - 2020

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 4/10

The Rats of Tobruk

Three friends enlist in the Australian Army and serve in North Africa, holding the city of Tobruk against Rommel's forces.

Release On: 30th - June - 1944

Vote Count: 4
Vote Average: 5.6/10

The Random

An ordinary Libyan citizen tries to cope with different ideologies by changing the way he dresses. The Random examines post-revolution Libyian society and the way individuals try to uphold their opinions by force.

Release On: 16th - December - 2015

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Granny's Flags

Haja Fatma, a mother to eight children, tells the tale of family life in Tripoli during the Libyan Revolution. Women, young and old, all contributed during these hostile months in their own unique way. A human portal into the acts of ordinary people in their hope for freedom.

Release On: 1st - January - 2013

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10


The second Libyan feature-length film.

Release On: 1st - January - 1974

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

The Colonel's Stray Dogs

In 1981, seven Libyan exiles formed the core opposition group to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Thirty years later, they are back to their country only to inherit the mess he left. The film is an intricate blend of rare first-hand accounts, propaganda archival material turned on its head, evocative cinematography and an untold history of a country.

Release On: 1st - January - 2014

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Ma'rakat Taqraft

An epic war film about the battle of the Italian and Libyan armies.

Release On: 2nd - January - 1981

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10