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Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

After saving the life of their heir apparent, tenacious loner Snake Eyes is welcomed into an ancient Japanese clan called the Arashikage where he is taught the ways of the ninja warrior. But, when secrets from his past are revealed, Snake Eyes' honor and allegiance will be tested – even if that means losing the trust of those closest to him.

Release On: 22nd - July - 2021

Vote Count: 717
Vote Average: 6.9/10

Dune Warriors

After the end of the world, Earth is a thirsty planet ruled by vicious warlords. One woman is brave enough to fight back; she bands together five warriors to save her town and their precious water

Release On: 18th - January - 1991

Vote Count: 10
Vote Average: 3.2/10

The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point

The Strike Force team is back in this action-packed sequel to "The Hunt For Eagle One"! Terrorists have stolen a Ground Control Encoder...

Release On: 27th - June - 2006

Vote Count: 11
Vote Average: 5.4/10

The Witches Hammer

On the day of her death a normal woman is transformed into a genetically engineered vampire and trained to kill. She is sent on a mission to stop the Souls of the Damned being unleashed into our dimension.

Release On: 22nd - May - 2006

Vote Count: 7
Vote Average: 1.4/10


Beggar So is trying to keep his two star students, brother and sister team Cheong and Gam Fa, in line and well-trained. But So's old enemy Grasshopper Bill Chan and his brother Cougar cause trouble. Bill helps young Kai to be pledged in marriage to Gam Fa against her wishes, but actually plans to have her for himself.

Release On: 6th - July - 1979

Vote Count: 5
Vote Average: 4/10

Тёмные мечты

Release On: 15th - October - 2020

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 7/10

48 godzin z zycia kobiety

There are only a few hours left to fight. During a walk on the beach, women talk about Agnieszka's first fight, her first success, her first tear, her first love, nervousness and mental stress.

Release On: 1st - July - 2003

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Rowdy Ronda Rousey

On Feb. 23, 2013, Ronda Rousey made history by becoming the UFC's first female bantamweight champion. After locking up her signature arm bar on Liz Carmouche, Rousey became the No. 1 female fighter in the world, and she has been on the rise ever since. Where did this force of nature come from? And how high can Rousey go? The film takes an inside look at that fight and how Rousey's ascension is paving the way for female fighters.

Release On: 28th - July - 2014

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10