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The Tomorrow War

The world is stunned when a group of time travelers arrive from the year 2051 to deliver an urgent message: Thirty years in the future, mankind is losing a global war against a deadly alien species. The only hope for survival is for soldiers and civilians from the present to be transported to the future and join the fight. Among those recruited is high school teacher and family man Dan Forester. Determined to save the world for his young daughter, Dan teams up with a brilliant scientist and his estranged father in a desperate quest to rewrite the fate of the planet.

Release On: 2nd - July - 2021

Vote Count: 4140
Vote Average: 8.1/10

War of the Worlds

Sibling astronomers discover Martians are threatening to attack Earth, but no one believes them, until Martians land and nearly destroy all of New York City. As the siblings try to make it out of the city with their families, they discover the Martians have no immunity against the diseases of Earth, and must now figure out how to infect the invading army to eradicate the aliens before all of Earth is destroyed first.

Release On: 1st - April - 2021

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 1/10

Into Pitch Black

A policeman is assigned by his superior officer to find and apprehend escaped convict Richard B. Riddick. Riddick was being transported onboard space transport vessel "Hunter-Gratzner", where a bounty hunter who captured him was escorting him to the penal colony "Slam City" and claim the bounty on his head. On its way, the "Hunter-Gratzner" was struck by a meteor shower and crashed on a desert planet. A female bounty hunter hired by the the persuing policeman begins to suspect there is something more behind the "Hunter-Gratzner" incident.

Release On: 30th - January - 2000

Vote Count: 33
Vote Average: 6.1/10

The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan

Everyone has a skeleton or two in his or her closet, but what about the director behind some of the most successful thrillers ever to hit the silver screen? Could M. Night Shyamalan be hiding a deep, dark secret that drives his macabre cinematic vision? Now viewers will be able to find out firsthand what fuels The Sixth Sense director's seemingly supernatural creativity as filmmakers interview Shyamalan as well as the cast and crew members who have worked most closely with him over the years. Discover the early events that shaped the mind of a future master of suspense in a documentary that is as fascinating as it is revealing.

Release On: 18th - June - 2004

Vote Count: 7
Vote Average: 6.4/10

Alien Surveillance

An alien invasion is caught in the surveillance cameras of an office building during a weekend work party.

Release On: 14th - August - 2018

Vote Count: 5
Vote Average: 2.8/10

Dark Mountain

In March of 2011, three filmmakers disappeared in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona while documenting their search for the Lost Dutchman mine. Their bodies were never found... but their camera was.

Release On: 27th - October - 2013

Vote Count: 18
Vote Average: 5.1/10


U.F.O. is an amazing experience filmed by a team of four people who went to a Robledo de Chavelas forest to shoot a documentary about UFOs. Their cameras caught something terrifying.

Release On: 1st - January - 2016

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 7/10

The Human Duplicators

An alien is dispatched from a faraway galaxy to take over the Earth by "duplicating" humans and creating a race of zombies resembling animated pottery in this low-budget sci-fi film. Enjoy the opening and closing shots of the alien spacecraft resembling a Christmas tree bauble dancing in space, the faces of the "duplicated" humans shattering like a cheap vase when thrown to the floor, and the formative "duplicates" as they are cooked up in the lab in individual coffins. The alien's heart is softened by the persevering goodness of a beautiful blind woman, deeply conflicting his motives as the film plods to its "climactic" confrontation between the humans and their counterfeit duplicates.

Release On: 3rd - March - 1965

Vote Count: 9
Vote Average: 2.4/10

Aliens vs. Bigfoot

This compelling documentary explores the unique fields of Ufology and Cryptozoology and compares and contrasts the communities that have sprung up around Bigfoot and Alien sightings. Featuring interviews from Nick Pope, Mike Bara, Nick Redfern, Dr. Jeffery Wells and many others.

Release On: 14th - February - 2021

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Good Business

Humanity makes a deal with a new client. Based on the comic "Good Business" by Simon Roy

Release On: 10th - July - 2017

Vote Count: 8
Vote Average: 7.3/10

The Real 'X-Files'?

VICE meets up with Joe Nickell, a longtime paranormal investigator who’s been called the real-life Scully. We travel with him to Roswell, NM on the anniversary of the 1947 UFO Crash to talk to believers, skeptics and UFO witnesses alike to see if the truth is really out there.

Release On: 4th - December - 2015

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 8.5/10


Clarke and Scott meet by happenstance and bond over their interest in and experiences with UFOs.

Release On: 16th - January - 2021

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Space Case

Space Case follows Bobbie Almond, a social outcast who has dreams to escape her small town life. She has a ticket to Mars! But when Bobbie's ticket to a new life gets stolen by her super Preppy sister, she's forced down a road of conformity, to be a part of the town's Beauty pageant! Will she conform? Or will she bail and follow her dreams!

Release On: 1st - January - 1970

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Space War

All hell breaks loose when an alien monstrosity crash lands on a small fantasy island.

Release On: 1st - January - 1997

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10