Movies Hank-Braxtan was a crew member on


Jurassic Hunt

Female adventurer Parker joins a crew of male trophy hunters in a remote wilderness park. Their goal: slaughter genetically recreated dinosaurs for sport using rifles, arrows, and grenades. After their guide is killed by raptors, the team tries to escape the park – but the hunters quickly become the hunted. Even worse, the park’s manager suspects Parker of being a spy and sends a hit squad after her. This battle’s about to become primitive!

Release On: 1st - September - 2021

Vote Count: 127
Vote Average: 5/10

The Last Movie Star

An aging screen icon gets lured into accepting an award at a rinky-dink film festival in Nashville, Tenn., sending him on a hilarious fish-out-of-water adventure and an unexpectedly poignant journey into his past.

Release On: 30th - March - 2018

Vote Count: 67
Vote Average: 6.3/10

Return of the Ghostbusters

The mile high city is rocked when an ancient Egyptian menace comes to town, and the Denver Ghostbusters must return to save the universe once more.

Release On: 1st - January - 2007

Vote Count: 81
Vote Average: 5.8/10

Snake Outta Compton

A rap group on the verge of signing their first record deal is the city's only hope in a battle with a giant mutating snake monster.

Release On: 23rd - April - 2018

Vote Count: 24
Vote Average: 3/10


Global climate change prompts a scientific corporation to genetically modify Alaskan polar bears with horrific and deadly results.

Release On: 16th - October - 2015

Vote Count: 28
Vote Average: 4.1/10

Dead Ant

When the 1989 "one-hit-wonder" glam-metal band "Sonic Grave" embark on a trip to Coachella in hopes of a comeback, their peyote trip pit stop in Joshua Tree incites an "unworldly" viscous attack, and they must "rock" themselves out of harms way.

Release On: 10th - October - 2017

Vote Count: 37
Vote Average: 5.2/10

Dragon Soldiers

In a suburban town, a deadly monster lurks in the surrounding forest, killing all those who wander too close. Desperate to stop the attack, a group of elite soldiers are called in to handle the situation. The hunters quickly become the hunted as they struggle to kill the terrifying, fire-breathing beast.

Release On: 11th - May - 2020

Vote Count: 27
Vote Average: 5.7/10

Freddy vs. Ghostbusters

Every town has an Elm Street, and Denver is no exception. The man of your dreams crosses paths with the boys in gray--who will win the battle for 1980's supremacy? The nightmare is always the same: dirty brown hat, striped sweater, and a glove of razors. Neil is having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, and the terrors are getting worse. Fortunately, help soon arrives in the the form of an old friend, Ed Spengler--nephew of Ghostbuster great Egon Spengler. With the help of their friend Eugene, Ed and Neil establish a Denver division of the Ghostbusters. Before long business is booming, but eventually they know they will have to face off against Freddy Krueger himself.

Release On: 13th - May - 2004

Vote Count: 5
Vote Average: 4.1/10

Chemical Peel

A weekend trip to the woods for a bachelorette party turns deadly when a nearby train accident causes a chemical reaction that overtakes the secluded valley. But waiting out the disaster inside could prove to be just as dangerous as being outdoors.

Release On: 14th - October - 2014

Vote Count: 13
Vote Average: 5.4/10

Friday the 13th AGAIN!

Four tourists run out of fuel at Camp Crystal Lake and meet a well known character ...

Release On: 1st - January - 2003

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10