Movies S��rgio-Rezende was a crew member on


Guerra de Canudos

At the end of the 19th century, a poor family comes to the rural Canudos, a community led by Antônio Conselheiro, seen by many as a holy prophet. Their ways bother the powerful people of the region, and the newly founded Republic sends their army to destroy the settlement, which culminates in one of the bloodiest wars in the history of Brazil.

Release On: 3rd - October - 1997

Vote Count: 29
Vote Average: 6.8/10

Zuzu Angel

Covering the last years of the famous Brazilian fashion designer in her doomed quest for justice, Zuzu Angel follows the case of her activist son Stuart's arrest, torture, murder, and subsequent corpse disposal by the military forces in early 1970s Rio de Janeiro, during the darkest era of Brazilian military regime and media censorship.

Release On: 4th - August - 2006

Vote Count: 49
Vote Average: 6.8/10

A Maldição do Sanpaku

Gafanhoto is a smuggler who tries to take a hit by stealing a valuable stone. He awakens the fury of the old boss of the gang, and ends up involving in the plot a former colleague, Poeta and his girlfriend Cris, a beautiful woman who brings in the eyes the mark of the tragedy.

Release On: 21st - May - 1991

Vote Count: 7
Vote Average: 4.9/10

O Paciente - O Caso Tancredo Neves

The true story of Tancredo Neves, the first civilian president of Brazil after a 20-year military dictatorship, and the infamous hospitalization which led to his death before he ever managed to take office.

Release On: 13th - September - 2018

Vote Count: 15
Vote Average: 7.1/10

Em Nome da Lei

The journey of idealistic Vitor, a young federal judge who decides to dismantle the mafia that dominates the border between Brazil and Paraguay. Inspired by true events.

Release On: 21st - April - 2016

Vote Count: 13
Vote Average: 6.2/10

Quase Nada

Three stories set on Brazil countryside. In Foice, a weeder becomes head of his group and awakes the envy of his best friend. In Veneno, a cowboy cannot sleep, waiting for the revenge from a enemy of the past. And in Machado, a quiet and rude rose maker decides to end his wife's joy of living.

Release On: 1st - September - 2000

Vote Count: 4
Vote Average: 5/10

Salve Geral

Year 2006. There are riots in São Paulo. In the middle of the violent situation, widow Lucia is trying to get her young son Rafael from prison.

Release On: 3rd - October - 2009

Vote Count: 16
Vote Average: 5.9/10

O Sonho Não Acabou

The routine of a group of brazilian teenagers living in Brasília, Brazil's capital. Their aspirations, dreams and illusions presented in a context of a country that was on the final years of a dictatorship back in the 1980s.

Release On: 6th - August - 1982

Vote Count: 3
Vote Average: 4/10


The real story of Carlos Lamarca, a captain who, during the military dictatorship in Brazil, deserted Brazilian Army and got involved in left-wing guerilla groups, becoming one of their most prominent leaders.

Release On: 1st - May - 1994

Vote Count: 9
Vote Average: 6/10

O Jardim Secreto de Mariana

João (Gustavo Vaz) and Mariana (Andreia Horta), a couple in love who have their relationship interrupted in an untimely manner. Five years after their abrupt separation, he decides to go with his gut and sets off on a long bike journey to try to convince her that the romance should never be over. The love, which still exists between the two, is then called into question.

Release On: 30th - September - 2021

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 6/10


A confused young woman is mugged by two first timers. They have bigger plans in which she is involved. The Journey brings her an incredible opportunity for revenge.

Release On: 19th - September - 2016

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 10/10

Mauá - O Imperador e o Rei

A movie about a Brazilian entrepreneur who rivalled American's richest man at his time, well-known Rockfeller. Irineu Evangelista de Souza in 1867 had $155.000 contos de reis, meanwhile the Brazilian Governement annual budget was 97.000 contos de reis. The movie shows his life from poverty to riches and back to poverty again, as is common in Brazil, rich people die poor.

Release On: 15th - October - 1999

Vote Count: 7
Vote Average: 7.7/10

Doida Demais

Shady and beautiful art dealer involves her former lover and an art expert in a scheme to deceive a rich collector. Exposed, she escapes with her new lover, a pilot.

Release On: 1st - January - 1989

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 4/10

Até a Última Gota

Documentary about the traffic of human blood in the Third World.

Release On: 1st - January - 1980

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Onde Anda Você

Felício, an old comedian, is in decadence after his partner Mandarim's suicide. When he finds out his former love Paloma has died, he leaves São Paulo and heads for the faraway State of Piauí, North of Brazil, in search of a new partner. He believes that if he manages to find him, the good times will return.

Release On: 9th - April - 2004

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

O Homem da Capa Preta

Biography of Brazilian congressman Tenório Cavalcanti, who used to appear in public carrying a machine-gun, and wearing a black cloak.

Release On: 31st - March - 1986

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 7/10