Michael McElhatton is known for:

Michael McElhatton Movie Credits

The Actors

Character : Jock

I Went Down

Character : Johnner Doyle

Perrier's Bounty

Character : Ivan


Blow Dry

Character : Robert

Fifty Dead Men Walking

Character : Robbie

Death of a Superhero

Character : James Clarke

Shadow Dancer

Character : Liam Hughes


Character : Frank


Character : Pat Lynch

Crush Proof

Character : Detective Sergeant Hogan


Character : Matt

Justice League

Character : Black Clad Alpha

Albert Nobbs

Character : Mr. Moore

Adam & Paul

Character : Martin's Voice

The Hallow

Character : Colm Donnelly

Norm of the North

Character : Laurence (voice)

Spin the Bottle

Character : No character defined

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Character : Jack's Eye

Handsome Devil

Character : Walter Curly

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Character : Sheriff Sheldon

The Santa Incident

Character : Ross


Character : John Traynor

The Zookeeper's Wife

Character : Jerzyk

Vicious Circle

Character : Garrett

The Foreigner

Character : Jim Kavanagh

Captain Morten and the Spider Queen

Character : (voice)


Character : Sam

My Boy Jack

Character : Leo Amery MP

Michael McElhatton Tv Credits

Paths to Freedom

Character : No character defined

The Fall

Character : Rob Breedlove

Game of Thrones

Character : Roose Bolton

Father & Son

Character : Detective Norman McGinty

New Worlds

Character : John Hawkins

Rebel Heart

Character : Cathal Brugha