Chris Bauer
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Chris Bauer

An American stage and screen actor. He is a graduate from the Yale School of Drama, New Haven, Connecticut.

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Chris Bauer Movie Credits

Angels Crest

Character : Teddy

The Notorious Bettie Page

Character : Irving Klaw

The Hunley

Character : Simkins


Sounds Like

Character : Larry Pearce

Neal Cassady

Character : Ken Kesey

Taking Back Our Town

Character : James Melancon


Character : Charlie

The Little Things

Character : Detective Sal Rizoli


Character : Jacko

Bernard and Doris

Character : Chef


Character : Mike

A Dog's Way Home

Character : Kurch


Character : Bob Cerv


Character : Frank's Dad


Character : George Higgins

Animal Factory

Character : Bad Eye

3 Days with Dad

Character : Father Rose

A Cool, Dry Place

Character : Larry Ives

The Exonerated

Character : Cop #1

The Myth of Fingerprints

Character : Jerry

The Photographer

Character : Paul

Money Monster

Character : Lt. Nelson

Flags of Our Fathers

Character : General Alexander Vandegrift

Fools Rush In

Character : Phil

Snow White: A Tale of Terror

Character : Konrad

Broken Flowers

Character : Dan

The Devil's Advocate

Character : Lloyd Gettys


Character : Ivan Dubov


Character : Larry Rooney

The Conspirator

Character : Major Smith

Sweet and Lowdown

Character : Ace

High Fidelity

Character : Paul

Wrestling Isn't Wrestling

Character : Referee

Chris Bauer Tv Credits


Character : No character defined


Character : Dodd

The Office

Character : Harry Jannerone

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Character : No character defined

Third Watch

Character : No character defined

Law & Order

Character : No character defined

New Amsterdam

Character : No character defined

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Character : Detective Paul Browning


Character : No character defined

Masters of Horror

Character : No character defined

Jonny Zero

Character : No character defined

New York Undercover

Character : No character defined

Criminal Minds

Character : Ted Bryar

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Character : No character defined

Hawaii Five-0

Character : No character defined


Character : Detective Gerry Coventry

Parks and Recreation

Character : Harold

True Blood

Character : Andy Bellefleur

The Lost Room

Character : Detective Lou Destefano

The Good Wife

Character : James McCloon

The Deuce

Character : Bobby Dwyer

American Crime Story

Character : Det. Tom Lange

Life on Mars

Character : Father Tim

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Character : Dennis Kole

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Character : Tom Cole


Character : Wild Bill Hancock

For All Mankind

Character : Deke Slayton

The Wire

Character : Frank Sobotka