The Watcher ( 2000)

FBI agent Joel Campbell, burnt-out and shell-shocked after years spent chasing serial killers, flees L.A. to begin a new life for himself in Chicago. But five months later, Joel's best laid plans are abruptly cut short when his new hometown becomes the setting for some particularly gruesome murders--murders that could only have been committed by one man: David Allen Griffin. One of Joel's most elusive and cunning nemeses, Griffin has followed his former pursuer to Chicago in order to play a sadistic game of cat and mouse. Taunting Joel with photographs of his intended victims and leaving his crime scenes meticulously free of clues in order to keep the police at bay, Griffin derives as much pleasure out of watching Joel react to every movement as watching his victims die. But when Griffin moves into Joel's inner circle, Joel must quickly find some way to stop him before someone close to him becomes the next one to die.



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Mystery Thriller

The cast forThe Watcher

James Spader

FBI Special Agent Joel Campbell

James Spader

Keanu Reeves

David Allen Griffin

Keanu Reeves

Marisa Tomei

Dr. Polly Beilman

Marisa Tomei

Ernie Hudson

FBI Special Agent in Charge Mike Ibby

Ernie Hudson

Chris Ellis


Chris Ellis

Robert Cicchini


Robert Cicchini

Yvonne Niami


Yvonne Niami

Jenny McShane


Jenny McShane

Show More Cast Show Crew

Gina Alexander


Gina Alexander
Rebekah Louise Smith


Rebekah Louise Smith
Joseph Sikora


Joseph Sikora
Jill Peterson


Jill Peterson
Michele DiMaso


Michele DiMaso
Andrew Rothenberg

Jack Fray

Andrew Rothenberg
David Pasquesi


David Pasquesi
Joe Charbanic
David Elliot
Christopher Eberts
Marco Beltrami
Richard Nord
Michael Chapman

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