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In the post-apocalyptic future, reigning tyrannical supercomputers teleport a cyborg assassin known as the "Terminator" back to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor, whose unborn son is destined to lead insurgents against 21st century mechanical hegemony. Meanwhile, the human-resistance movement dispatches a lone warrior to safeguard Sarah. Can he stop the virtually indestructible killing machine?

Who Stars in The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Michael Biehn
Kyle Reese

Michael Biehn

Linda Hamilton
Sarah Connor

Linda Hamilton

Paul Winfield
Lieutenant Ed Traxler

Paul Winfield

Lance Henriksen
Detective Vukovich

Lance Henriksen

Bess Motta
Ginger Ventura

Bess Motta


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Review for The Terminator

Author: Gimly

I know saying this puts me in the minority, but the first _Terminator_ movie is actually my favourite of the franchise. That's not a knock on the second movie, _Judgment Day_ is **awesome**. But I really dig the lower down, dark, sci-fi horror vibe of the original (it **is** a knock on every movie in the series that came after _T2_ though). Schwarzenegger as the titular Terminator is inspired casting. Firstly, any restrictions he had in acting ability back in the 80s are brushed aside by the fact that he's playing a cold, unfeeling machine. And can you imagine someone who looks like that coming after you? Forget the fact he's got an arsenal in his back pocket, forget the fact that he's got a near unstoppable metal exoskeleton, Arnie is already a machine! Being hunted by that man would be terrifying, and you feel that in the performance of the leads. _The Terminator_ is one of the best movies I've ever seen, and I have seen - a lot. _Final rating:★★★★½ - Ridiculously strong appeal. I can’t stop thinking about it._

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Release Date

Original Language

1 hr 48 mins

$ 6,400,000.00 (Estimated)

$ 78,371,200.00 (USA)

$ 71,971,200.00 (Estimated in USA)


Action Thriller Science Fiction

saving the world artificial intelligence rebel cyborg laser gun shotgun killer robot dystopia los angeles car chase urban setting future war

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