The Set-Up ( 1949)

Stoker Thompson is a 35-year-old has-been boxer. His once-promising fighting career has come crashing to the end. Tiny, Stoker's manager, is sure he will continue to lose fights, so he takes money for a "dive" from a mobster, but is so sure that Thompson will lose that he doesn't tell the boxer about the set-up. At the beginning of the last round of the vicious boxing match he learns of the fix.



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Crime Drama

The cast forThe Set-Up

Robert Ryan


Robert Ryan

Audrey Totter


Audrey Totter

George Tobias


George Tobias

Alan Baxter

Little Boy

Alan Baxter

Wallace Ford


Wallace Ford

Percy Helton


Percy Helton

Hal Baylor

Tiger Nelson

Hal Baylor

Darryl Hickman


Darryl Hickman

Show More Cast Show Crew

James Edwards

Luther Hawkins

James Edwards
David Clarke

Gunboat Johnson

David Clarke
Phillip Pine


Phillip Pine
Edwin Max


Edwin Max
Kevin O'Morrison


Kevin O'Morrison
Robert Wise, Edward Killy, Joel Freeman
Robert Wise, Art Cohn, Joseph Moncure March
Milton Krasner
Richard Goldstone, Dore Schary
Roland Gross
Albert S. D'Agostino, Jack Okey, James Altwies, Darrell Silvera
Phil Brigandi, Clem Portman

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