The Dentist ( 1996)

The Dentist Collection

Dr. Feinstone has everything, a beautiful wife and a successful career in dentistry; but when he discovers his wife's affair, he realizes that behind every clean, white surface lies the stench of decay.



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Horror Thriller

The cast forThe Dentist

Corbin Bernsen

Dr. Alan Feinstone

Corbin Bernsen

Linda Hoffman

Brooke Feinstone

Linda Hoffman

Michael Stadvec


Michael Stadvec

Ken Foree

Detective Gibbs

Ken Foree

Tony Noakes

Detective Sunshine

Tony Noakes

Molly Hagan


Molly Hagan

Patty Toy


Patty Toy

Jan Hoag


Jan Hoag

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Virginya Keehne


Virginya Keehne
Earl Boen

Marvin Goldblum

Earl Boen
Christa Sauls

April Reign

Christa Sauls
Lise Simms

Paula Roberts

Lise Simms
Joanne Baron

Mrs. Saunders

Joanne Baron
Christopher Kriesa

Mr. Schaeffer

Christopher Kriesa
Betsy Monroe

Young Female

Betsy Monroe
Brian Yuzna


Brian Yuzna
Mark Ruffalo

Steve Landers

Mark Ruffalo
Brian Yuzna, Mark S. Thomas
Dennis Paoli, Stuart Gordon, Charles Finch
Pierre David, Mark Amin, Carol Lefko, Robert Lansing Parker, Cami Winikoff, Sheri Bryant, Noël A. Zanitsch, Phillip B. Goldfine, Laura Stuart, Heather Kwiecinski
Alan Howarth, Tony Smyles, Dennis Patterson, Bruce Nazarian, Ed Carr
Levie Isaacks, Denis Maloney, Debra Antic Davidian, Dale Robinette
Christopher Roth
William V. Ryder, Robyn Coburn, Erika S. Katz, Pat Scanlon, Barry Lehrman
Warden Neil, Tony Villanueva, Patricia Gundlach
Kurt Bryant, Shane Greedy
Rick Hopper

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