The American Mall ( 2008)

The executive producers of High School Musical keep the good times rolling with this upbeat musical comedy set in the one place every American teenager's home away from home - the local shopping mall. Ally (Nina Dobrev) is an optimistic adolescent singer/songwriter whose hard working mother owns the mall music shop frequented by every teen in town. When Ally shares her music with Joey (Rob Mayes), a janitor in the mall who harbors rock star ambitions, she is thrilled to find someone who can truly relate to her songs as well as her heart. Trouble looms on the horizon, however, in the form of the mall owner's spoiled rotten daughter Madison (Autumn Reeser). Madison is the kind of girl who's used to getting whatever she wants, and what she wants now could prove disastrous for both Ally's ambitions, and her mother's popular music store.



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Romance Comedy Drama Music

The cast forThe American Mall

Nina Dobrev


Nina Dobrev

Autumn Reeser

Madison Huxley

Autumn Reeser

Al Sapienza


Al Sapienza

Brooke Lyons


Brooke Lyons

Yassmin Alers


Yassmin Alers

Rob Mayes


Rob Mayes

Bresha Webb


Bresha Webb

Bianca Collins


Bianca Collins

Show More Cast Show Crew

Kellie Cockrell

Principal Dancer

Kellie Cockrell
Katie Cockrell

Principal Dancer

Katie Cockrell
Blythe Auffarth


Blythe Auffarth
Shawn Ku
Margaret Oberman, Tomás Romero, P.J. Hogan

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