Spark: A Space Tail

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Spark: A Space Tail Overview

Spark, a teenage monkey and his friends, Chunk and Vix, are on a mission to regain Planet Bana - a kingdom overtaken by the evil overlord Zhong.

Who Stars in Spark: A Space Tail

Jessica Biel
Vix (voice)

Jessica Biel

Hilary Swank
The Queen (voice)

Hilary Swank

Susan Sarandon
Bananny (voice)

Susan Sarandon

Jace Norman
Spark (voice)

Jace Norman

Patrick Stewart
The Captain (voice)

Patrick Stewart

Athena Karkanis
Koko (voice)

Athena Karkanis


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Review for Spark: A Space Tail

Author: Reno

**Saprk: A Space Fail** My rating could be a little harsh, but, come on, if you have seen it, then you know the film lacks in everything. Firstly, the production was decent, especially for non-Disney, non-Pixar and even for non-Dreamworks and Sony, it is enough. The film was aimed for little kids, so keeping them in mind, it is a better film. Secondly, the characters and its designs were okay. But the story was merely the same dystopian theme. You know, dangerous visionary tries to destroy the planet and the years ago separated family finally unite and brings all the allies together to fight the villain. The end determines the fate of the great battle everyone involved in. For me, it looked more like a television film. Or even better if it has been a television series. Because somewhat it reminds the recent 'Trollhunters'. A boy possesses the secret weapon and trains hard to fight the evil force. Each episode with a different action, adventure, it would have been a wonderful series. Anyway, despite the film failed to impress its viewers, I won't say it is that bad. Watchable film, but there's no fun, only for timepass. Even for the timepass, there are a lot better ones out there. So showing it for only young children might justify, since they can't differentiate between good and bad, except enjoying everything they see. _3/10_

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Shanghai Hoongman Technology Co.

Gulfstream Pictures

Red Rover International

ToonBox Entertainment



Release Date

Original Language

1 hr 37 mins

$ 116,873.00 (USA)


Adventure Animation Comedy Family Science Fiction

black hole space furry talking animal monkey space monster

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