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A budding romance between noble underachiever Lloyd Dobler and high school valedictorian Diane Court is threatened when Diane's overly possessive, disapproving father interferes with their relationship. With a prized scholarship to study abroad hanging in the balance, Diane must find a way to make both men happy.

Who Stars in Say Anything...

John Cusack
Lloyd Dobler

John Cusack

Ione Skye
Diane Court

Ione Skye

John Mahoney
James Court

John Mahoney

Lili Taylor
Corey Flood

Lili Taylor

Amy Brooks

Amy Brooks

Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon


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Review for Say Anything...

Author: Shreyance Parakh

**Forget it, I don't care...I LOVE YOU !!** I can't make out why this movie has has a _user score of JUST above 70%_...I guess because people don't find an honest romantic movie equaling an intriguing, exciting, intelligent, thrilling, action packed or any other brain tickling director's master piece.. But to be honest, this movie is climbing the charts on being my favorite movies, and not just the romantics, of all time.Speaking of which i don't even watch too many romantic movies because however beautiful they are they almost always make you feel that the fairy land exists.That's what is so beautiful about SAY ANYTHING that it doesn't make you believe that there is a fairy land instead its so honest and assures you that you really don't need a lot of things to live happily if you've got a person for whom you have love in your heart and the feeling is reciprocated in the exact same manner!! This movie is special in the sense that it was made way back in '89 and still holds the same relevance...because **LOVE is TIMELESS**... Do not miss it if you wanna feel what love is in the truest sense of the word... _"I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen"_ - it kills me but if you hold on, you'd find out that she gave the pen because she couldn't give him his love filled heart back !! A great and successful effort on the director's part to not try and make something special out of this movie because in the end that's what really makes it so special..A _10/10_ for of the best movies about LOVE !!

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Gracie Films

20th Century Fox



Release Date

Original Language

1 hr 40 mins

$ 20,036,737.00 (USA)

Comedy Drama Romance

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