Bound to Vengeance ( 2015)

A young woman, Eve, fights back and manages to escape a malicious abductor. However, after discovering she may not be the only victim, Eve unravels a darker truth and decides to turn the tables on her captor.



Thriller Horror

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The cast forBound to Vengeance

Tina Ivlev


Tina Ivlev

Richard Tyson


Richard Tyson

Bianca Malinowski


Bianca Malinowski

Kris Kjornes


Kris Kjornes

Dustin Quick


Dustin Quick

Stephanie Charles


Stephanie Charles

Ric Sarabia

Skinny Man

Ric Sarabia

Nihan Gur


Nihan Gur

Show More Cast Show Crew

Keith Johnson

Fat Man

Keith Johnson
Scott Vance

Tall Man

Scott Vance
Amy Okuda

Captive Girl 1

Amy Okuda
Nikki SooHoo

Captive Girl 2

Nikki SooHoo
Vivan Dugré


Vivan Dugré
José Manuel Cravioto, Karolyn Austen
Rock Shaink Jr., Keith Kjornes
Byron Werner
Jorge Macaya
Adriana Serrano, Tim Stuart, Lisa Son
Cari Avila, Julia Hapney, Carolina Sapina
Rodolfo Marquez, Daniel Posada, Jason Tamasco, Samantha Castellano, Cesar Bernal, Luke Daniels, Alexis Fridman, Jai Khanna, Jonas Ortega, Rock Shaink Jr., Katrina Wolfe, Carla Hool, Alex Garcia
Simon Boswell, Matthew Thomas Hall, Jason Milversted, Lauren Robinson, Christian Dwiggins, Sarah Webster
Cris Thomas-Palomino

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