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Ratchet and Clank tells the story of two unlikely heroes as they struggle to stop a vile alien named Chairman Drek from destroying every planet in the Solana Galaxy. When the two stumble upon a dangerous weapon capable of destroying entire planets, they must join forces with a team of colorful heroes called The Galactic Rangers in order to save the galaxy. Along the way they'll learn about heroism, friendship, and the importance of discovering one's own identity.

Who Stars in Ratchet & Clank

James Arnold Taylor
Ratchet (voice)

James Arnold Taylor

David Kaye
Clank (voice)

David Kaye

Armin Shimerman
Dr. Nefarious (voice)

Armin Shimerman

Sylvester Stallone
Victor Von Ion (voice)

Sylvester Stallone

Rosario Dawson
Elaris (voice)

Rosario Dawson

John Goodman
Grimroth (voice)

John Goodman


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Review for Ratchet & Clank

Author: Reno

**Space warriors, mad scientist, chosen one and saving the planet.** I might have heard the name, but seems nothing familiar. So it is very much like my first encounter with these game characters. And this is really a good first film, I enjoyed, but did not like, because I'm not the target audience. I know, many grown-ups liked it, but they had reasons like they have known this for some time. One thing that fascinated me was the production quality. I can't believe, it was not those silly B class animation, it was very much comparable to Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks films. The only thing that did not favour it was the story. If they have got that part right, it would have been one of the best animations of the years. So the truth is I tempted to rate it higher for the quality of animation alone. The directors, and all artists must be praised for that. If I were a kid, it would have been my favourite. So what I'm saying it, this film will be loved by children. There's not child film critic, otherwise this film would have been appreciated better. The problem is the critics did not like it, and so the adults, but families with kids might have chance to enjoy it. Some of the big names in the voice-over artist list, but that did not help the film to see its success. There's no innovation in it, everything you see in the film was already exploited in other films. All those the space warriors thing, the chosen one, villain, mad scientist, betrayal, you have seen them from 'Star wars' to 'Guardian of the Galaxy'. That is another reason for not having a good time with it. It is still very much a watchable film. _5/10_

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Sony Pictures Animation

Rainmaker Studios

Blockade Entertainment



Release Date

Original Language

1 hr 34 mins

$ 20,000,000.00 (Estimated)

$ 8,821,329.00 (USA)

($ 11,178,671.00) (Estimated in USA)


Action Adventure Animation Family

saving the world extraterrestrial technology spaceship alien furry best friend robot based on video game woman director wacky gadgets spaceship mechanic

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