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A story set in the Prohibition Era and centered around a group of individuals and their dealings in the world of organized crime.

Who Stars in Live by Night

Ben Affleck
Joe Coughlin

Ben Affleck

Elle Fanning
Loretta Figgis

Elle Fanning

Brendan Gleeson
Thomas Coughlin

Brendan Gleeson

Chris Messina
Dion Bartolo

Chris Messina

Sienna Miller
Emma Gould

Sienna Miller

Zoe Saldana
Graciella Suarez

Zoe Saldana


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Review for Live by Night

Author: Reno

**Fall and rise, a revenge tale.** Number four for the director Affleck after his other film won the Oscars four years ago. He has also written the screenplay and produced it. It was based on the book of the same name. The story of a World War I veteran turned notorious gangster. Escaping from the war, falling in love with a gangster's woman, a bank heist, prison time, the son of a police officer and his journey to the top of the criminal world after losing everything at one stage of his life. More like a revenge film, but the intention was not aggressive. Only the time and the life passage give one to him. From all his directional films, probably this could be the worst one. It had everything a gangster film needed like gun fights, car chase, revenge, romance, yet I felt lacked depth in its overall theme. Actors were not bad, the settings looked fine. The length of the film was a bit long, but the film offered nothing new. It looked like someone's biography or made it look like one. I think that's the point. Even the end part of the film extends, only to annoy us after two long hours patiently sat for it. The best part of the film, what I liked was the 1920s. The story about between two the World Wars, that too was about an internal affair like underworld activities looked nice on the screen. The cast and crew were best for the film, yet failed to impress us. Though it was not totally a bad film of the year, only it did not stand and deliver as it was promised. So, still it can be watched once if you prefer, but not guaranteed entertainment. _6/10_

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Appian Way

Pearl Street Films

Warner Bros. Pictures



Release Date

Original Language

2 hr 09 mins

$ 108,000,000.00 (Estimated)

$ 22,678,555.00 (USA)

($ 85,321,445.00) (Estimated in USA)


Crime Drama Thriller

based on novel or book prohibition florida love revenge betrayal organized crime 1920s 1930s

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