I Still Know What You Did Last Summer ( 1998)

I Know What You Did Last Summer Collection

Unfinished business with coed Julie James brings the murderer to the Bahamas to terrorize her and her friends, Karla, Tyrell and Will, during a vacation. Can Ray Bronson who survived a bloody attack alongside Julie two summers ago, get to the island in time to save everyone?



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Horror Mystery Thriller

The cast forI Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Julie James

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Ray Bronson

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Mekhi Phifer


Mekhi Phifer

Brandy Norwood

Karla Wilson

Brandy Norwood

Muse Watson

Ben Willis

Muse Watson

Matthew Settle

Will Benson

Matthew Settle

Jennifer Esposito


Jennifer Esposito

Bill Cobbs


Bill Cobbs

Show More Cast Show Crew

Jeffrey Combs

Mr. Brooks

Jeffrey Combs
John Hawkes


John Hawkes
Jack Black

Titus Telesco

Jack Black
Danny Cannon, Pamela Alch, Louis D'Esposito
Trey Callaway, Lois Duncan
William S. Beasley, Stokely Chaffin, Erik Feig, Neal H. Moritz, Jackie Burch, Jose Ludlow, Curtis Collins, Terry Dunn, Jamie Lynn Arsenault, Nancy Jane King
John Frizzell, Sharon Boyle, John Houlihan, Lisa Jaime, Earl Sampson, Andrew Bock, Nerses Gezalyan, Frank Bennett, John H. Arrufat, Hanson Hsu, David M. Ronne, John Morris
Vernon Layton, Sidney Ray Baldwin, George Richmond, Donald E. Thorin Jr., Jonathan 'Chunky' Richmond, Joseph Dianda
Peck Prior, Mike Mertens, Sandy S. Solowitz
Doug Kraner, Jan K. Bergstrom, Chas. Butcher, Scott Ritenour, Lisa Penaranda, Adriana Aimo, Enrique Echeverría, Javier Carrillo, Alejandro Levi, Thomas W. Lay Jr., Louisa Bonnie, Steven M. Levine
Daniel J. Lester, Winnie D. Brown, Tom Cummins, Lisa Marie Rosenberg, Carl Bailey, Tammy Ashmore, Matthew W. Mungle, Juan Manuel de la Fuente
Alison Savitch, Jeffrey Willerth, Eli Jarra, John D. Milinac, Kim Lavery
Freddie Hice, Jose Manuel Ballesteros, Morris Bension, Chantal Feghali, Steven Hintz, Lucille M. Michael, Laurencio Cordero, LaFaye Baker, Dan Marrow, Randy Burke, Claire Raskind, James Ryan
Scott Patten, Thomas M. Dangcil, Fernando Moreno, Doug Ednie

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