Doctor Who: The Android Invasion ( 1975)

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah find themselves in the English village of Devesham near a Space Defence Station. The village seems deserted, the telephones don't work, calendars are stuck on the same date and white-suited figures are wandering about aimlessly. Who are the Kraals and what are their plans for Earth?



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Action Adventure Drama Science Fiction

The cast forDoctor Who: The Android Invasion

Tom Baker

The Doctor

Tom Baker

Elisabeth Sladen

Sarah Jane Smith

Elisabeth Sladen

Ian Marter

Harry Sullivan

Ian Marter

John Levene

RSM Benton

John Levene

Milton Johns

Guy Crayford

Milton Johns

Martin Friend


Martin Friend

Roy Skelton


Roy Skelton

Stuart Fell


Stuart Fell

Show More Cast Show Crew

Peter Welch


Peter Welch
Max Faulkner

Corporal Adams

Max Faulkner
Dave Carter


Dave Carter
Patrick Newell

Colonel Faraday

Patrick Newell
Hugh Lund


Hugh Lund
Heather Emmanuel


Heather Emmanuel
Barry Letts
Terry Nation, Robert Holmes
Philip Hinchcliffe

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