Doctor Who: Image of the Fendahl ( 1977)

The present day: just as the Fourth Doctor and Leela arrive in Fetchborough, England, Professor Fendelman prepares to experiment on a fossilized skull which science says should not exist. The skull is actually an artefact of the Fendahl, a god-like being who feeds on the life force of others. It has begun to awaken and kill. Worse yet, others seek to exploit the Fendahl's dreadful power.



Action Adventure Drama Science Fiction

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The cast forDoctor Who: Image of the Fendahl

Tom Baker

The Doctor

Tom Baker

Louise Jameson


Louise Jameson

Denis Lill

Dr. Fendelman

Denis Lill

Scott Fredericks

Max Stael

Scott Fredericks

Wanda Ventham

Thea Ransome

Wanda Ventham

Edward Arthur

Adam Colby

Edward Arthur

Daphne Heard

Martha Tyler

Daphne Heard

Geoffrey Hinsliff

Jack Tyler

Geoffrey Hinsliff

Show More Cast Show Crew

Edward Evans

Ted Moss

Edward Evans
Derek Martin

David Mitchell

Derek Martin
Graham Simpson


Graham Simpson
Robert Holmes, Chris Boucher
Graham Williams
Dudley Simpson
George Spenton-Foster

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