Doctor Who: City of Death ( 1979)

While taking in the sights of Paris in 1979, the Fourth Doctor and Romana sense that someone is tampering with time. Who is the mysterious Count Scarlioni? Why does he seem to have counterparts scattered through time? And just how many copies of the Mona Lisa did Leonardo da Vinci paint?



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Action Adventure Drama Science Fiction

The cast forDoctor Who: City of Death

Tom Baker

The Doctor

Tom Baker

Lalla Ward

Romana II

Lalla Ward

Julian Glover

Count Scarlioni / Captain Tancredi / Scaroth

Julian Glover

Catherine Schell


Catherine Schell

David Graham


David Graham

David Graham


David Graham

Tom Chadbon


Tom Chadbon

Peter Halliday


Peter Halliday

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John Cleese

Art Gallery Visitor

John Cleese
Eleanor Bron

Art Gallery Visitor

Eleanor Bron
Pamela Stirling

Louvre Guide

Pamela Stirling
Michael Hayes
David Fisher, Douglas Adams, Graham Williams
Graham Williams
Dudley Simpson

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