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A woman discovers that severe catastrophic events are somehow connected to the mental breakdown from which she's suffering.

Who Stars in Colossal

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis

Tim Blake Nelson

Tim Blake Nelson

Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens

Austin Stowell

Austin Stowell

Hannah Cheramy
Young Gloria

Hannah Cheramy


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Review for Colossal

Author: Reno

**A tale of two cities!** Did not expect it. It was a unique film. I love such films, because I'm bored of the same old action, romance, horror, thrillers. But it had loads of flaws. It was hard to get rid of them. Even I thought without those flaws, there's no tale to tell. In the end, entertainment matter and this film provided that without logics. So put aside your adult brain and enjoy it like a kid. I had not seen the teaser, trailer and never heard the storyline before trying it. I just went and sat, the initial parts were not that impressive. Because returning the hometown is a common cliché. Though once the story had taken a twist, the rest of the narration changed completely. Well, the story is about the two cities and each city split into a black comedy and a disastrous theme. An unemployed and alcoholic young woman returns hometown after break up with her boyfriend. Befriends an old friend, and starts anew life. Until she discovers that on the other side of the world, a giant monster wrecking up a city. Once again, she discovers that she had something to do with that. Following it, how her response reshapes the entire episode was told with a twist at the end. Anne Hathaway was simply good. But not to forget Jason Sudeikis' part too. Both of them controlled the narration. This is a film to have fun. Not to go after errs. A film with the giant monsters, but less graphics used. Very clever writing by the Spanish filmmaker known for some good titles. I think the film is a little underrated. Recommended for those who seek nothing but an entertainment. **8/10**

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Toy Fight Productions

Brightlight Pictures

Sayaka Producciones Audiovisuales

Route One Entertainment



Release Date

Original Language

1 hr 50 mins

$ 3,029,287.00 (USA)


Comedy Drama Fantasy Science Fiction

new york bar monster small town mental breakdown seoul creature loss of job alcoholic apartment psychotic childhood friends catastrophe

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