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Set in Stalin-era Soviet Union, a disgraced MGB agent is dispatched to investigate a series of child murders -- a case that begins to connect with the very top of party leadership.

Who Stars in Child 44

Tom Hardy
Leo Demidov

Tom Hardy

Gary Oldman
General Mikhail Nesterov

Gary Oldman

Noomi Rapace
Raisa Demidov

Noomi Rapace

Joel Kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman

Paddy Considine
Vladimir Malevich

Paddy Considine

Jason Clarke
Anatoly Brodsky

Jason Clarke


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Review for Child 44

Author: Reno

**A war hero who turned a police officer struggles with his departmental feud.** It is a strange title. In the narration as well it does not properly reveals, more like an approximate count of something. It is a Russian story, I mean the Russian characters and the locations. It begins after the world war two, in Moscow, a top police officer caught between the departmental politics and a case. After the his investigation ended without a result, the sacked officer gets a lifeline to begin again life in another town. But the trouble follows him when he started to investigate the children's deaths. The result of the case brings the end to the tale with a tiny small twist. The actors were decent, not very impressive. Especially I understand since it was internationally produced, they preferred English language, but I would have liked it in the original language to get best appeal. It was too long film, the first half was very boring. Because it was most unrelated to what comes in the later part of the film. When the narration shifts its base out of the Moscow, that's where it really gets very interesting. So after first 60 minutes, the real story begins. This where the actors got better. Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy, both were like the kicked off with full of energy. So the second half of the film makes it watchable. Directed by a 'Easy Money' filmmaker who also brought in his Swedish actors to play the smaller roles. It was not good as I expected, but ended well. I don't think it is worth a watch, but who knows what you like. So I neither recommend nor reject it. But it was an average film to me. _5/10_

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Summit Entertainment

Scott Free Productions

Worldview Entertainment



Release Date

Original Language

2 hr 17 mins

$ 50,000,000.00 (Estimated)

$ 3,324,330.00 (USA)

($ 46,675,670.00) (Estimated in USA)

Crime Thriller

based on novel or book soviet union russian murder serial killer military child murder stalinism 1950s

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