Bomber ( 1982)

Bomber is an unemployed boat captain. One day he meets Jerry, a manager of boxers who are struck by the force of his fists. That is when they see the chance to win big money.



Action Comedy Drama

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The cast forBomber

Bud Spencer

Bud Graziano

Bud Spencer

Jerry Calà


Jerry Calà

Stefano Mingardo

Giorgio Desideri (Giorgione)

Stefano Mingardo

Kallie Knoetze

Rosco Dunn

Kallie Knoetze

Bobby Rhodes


Bobby Rhodes




Ferdinando Murolo


Ferdinando Murolo

Nando Paone


Nando Paone

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Rik Battaglia

Rik Battaglia

Rik Battaglia
Vincenzo Maggio


Vincenzo Maggio
Piero Del Papa

Piero Del Papa

Piero Del Papa
Eugenio Alabiso
Claudio Pacifico
Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis, Italo Cameracanna
Michele Lupo
Walter Patriarca, Osvaldo Desideri
Marcello Fondato, Francesco Scardamaglia
Francesco Scardamaglia
Giorgio Di Battista
Giancarlo De Leonardis, Luciano Sagoni

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