American Beauty (1999)

Lester Burnham, a depressed suburban father in a mid-life crisis, decides to turn his hectic life around after developing an infatuation with his daughter's attractive friend.




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The cast for American Beauty

Kevin Spacey

Lester Burnham

Kevin Spacey

Annette Bening

Carolyn Burnham

Annette Bening

Thora Birch

Jane Burnham

Thora Birch

Wes Bentley

Ricky Fitts

Wes Bentley

Mena Suvari

Angela Hayes

Mena Suvari

Chris Cooper

Colonel Frank Fitts

Chris Cooper

Scott Bakula

Jim Olmeyer

Scott Bakula

Peter Gallagher

Buddy Kane

Peter Gallagher

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Lester Burnham
Kevin Spacey
Carolyn Burnham
Annette Bening
Jane Burnham
Thora Birch
Ricky Fitts
Wes Bentley
Angela Hayes
Mena Suvari
Colonel Frank Fitts
Chris Cooper
Jim Olmeyer
Scott Bakula
Buddy Kane
Peter Gallagher
Barbara Fitts
Allison Janney
Jim Berkley
Sam Robards
Brad Dupree
Barry Del Sherman
Sale House Man #1
John Cho
Sale House Man #2
Hal Fort Atkinson
Sale House Man #3
Kent Faulcon
Sale House Woman #1
Ara Celi
Sale House Woman #2
Sue Casey
Sale House Woman #3
Brenda Wehle
Sale House Woman #4
Lisa Cloud
Christy Kane
Amber Smith
Catering Boss
Joel McCrary
Mr. Smiley's Counter Girl (Janine)
Marissa Jaret Winokur
Mr. Smiley's Manager
Dennis Anderson
Firing Range Attendant
Matthew Kimbrough
Young Jane
Erin Cathryn Strubbe
Spartanette #1
Alison Faulk
Spartanette #2
Krista Goodsitt
Spartanette #3
Lily Houtkin
Spartanette #4
Carolina Lancaster
Spartanette #5
Mona Leah
Spartanette #6
Chekesha Van Putten
Spartanette #7
Emily Zachary
Spartanette #8
Nancy Anderson
Spartanette #9
Reshma Gajjar
Spartanette #10
Stephanie Rizzo
Playground Girl #1
Heather Joy Sher
Playground Girl #2
Chelsea Hertford
Newscaster (uncredited)
Elaine Corral Kendall
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
David C. Fisher
Advertising Executive (uncredited)
Tom Miller
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Ronald Reagan
Bartender (uncredited)
Bruce Cohen


Sam Mendes Ana Maria Quintana Marilyn Giardino Tony Adler Rosemary C. Cremona


Alan Ball Tony Chance


Bruce Cohen Dan Jinks Debra Zane Alan Ball Stan Wlodkowski Christine Bonnem Janet Lonsdale Christa Vausbinder Deborah Ricketts Cristen Carr Strubbe Terri Taylor


Thomas Newman Carl Fischer Thomas O'Neil Younkman Richard Van Dyke Dennis S. Sands Bill Bernstein Joanie Diener Chris Douridas Thomas Pasatieri Trevor Jolly James Moriana Jeffrey Wilhoit Bryan Bowen Alan Rankin Bob Beemer Scott Millan Scott Martin Gershin Greg Zimmerman Jackie Gonneau


Conrad L. Hall Dana Kroeger Bill Young Aaron Pazanti Geoffrey Haley Lorey Sebastian Clyde E. Bryan


Christopher Greenbury Tariq Anwar Phil Hetos Jeffrey Skinner Simon Coke Mark Gordon Larry Madaras Tracey Wadmore-Smith


Naomi Shohan David Lazan Richard W. Jones Chris Samp Andrea Dopaso Christian Zimmermann Lynda Reiss Catherine Smith Molly Click Jan K. Bergstrom Joe Ondrejko

Costume & Make-Up

Julie Weiss Ian Kay Marcy Grace Froehlich Hope Slepak Alix Hester Kanani Wolf Cydney Cornell Patricia DeHaney Carol A. O'Connell Tania McComas Julie Hewett


Krissy Korn Jeff Couch Michael Thomas Kevin Du Toit Jim Turner René González Rob Garlow Mike Piccirillo Holiday Freeman Randy Lovelady A. Welch Lambeth Matt Magnolia Pia Mehr John Hartigan David Golia Conrad W. Hall Paula Abdul Lisa Dennis Kennedy Phil Culotta Ben Scott Pete Townshend Nicole Kidman David Linck

Visual Effects

Ralph Merzbach John Cassella Olivier Sarda Paula Bonhomme Janet Yale Jonathan F. Styrlund Rob Hodgson David Goldberg


Huston Beaumont Gerald A. King Ross Dunkerley