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Known as the best satire about communism, banned for over a decade in Hungary. 'The Witness' has become a cult classic, well received by critics and general audiences when it was finally released outside of Hungary. 'The Witness' takes place during the height of the Rákosi Era, which was closely modeled after the ruthless and brutal Stalin regime. The film follows the life of an ordinary dike keeper, József Pelikán, who has been caught for illegally slaughtering his pig, Dezsõ. Instead of doing hard time for his "heinous" crime, Pelikán is elevated into an important position, generally reserved for the communist elite. His new benefactor, the mysterious Comrade Virág, is reluctant to reveal the real reason behind Pelikán's preferential treatment. Thus, begins Pelikán's hilarious adventure deep within the "sophisticated" communist society... Until one day, when he gets called for to return the "favour" by falsely testifying against his long-time friend in a mock-up show trial.

Who Stars in A tanú

Kállai Ferenc
Pelikán József, gátőr

Kállai Ferenc

Őze Lajos
Virág Árpád

Őze Lajos

Béla Both
Bástya elvtárs

Béla Both

Zoltán Fábri
Dániel Zoltán

Zoltán Fábri

Lili Monori
Gizi, Pelikán lánya

Lili Monori

Károly Bicskey
Elemér Gulyás

Károly Bicskey


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MAFILM 1. Játékfilmstúdió



Release Date

Original Language

1 hr 43 mins

Drama Comedy

budapest cemetery hungary socialism communist last supper minister fascist pig swimming pool satire execution suburb hungarian secret door cult film amusement park ice cream dark humor political satire flood communism gopher streetcar absurdism last meal

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