Tidal Wave ( 2009)

Man-sik and Yeon-hee, are unsure as to whether they can overcome past wounds and continue being a couple. Dr. Kim, who cautions against a possible mega-tsunami at Haeundae, collapses in agony springing from an unexpected turn-up of his daughter and divorced wife. Hyoung-sik, after rescuing a woman from Seoul, rides out a ferocious storm to gladden her heart. A tsunami which destroys Haeundae symbolizes the establishment of a typical axis called provocation of conflicts, and later the inner spaces of the couples without anything left behind after all conflicts have ended



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Action Adventure Drama Thriller

The cast forTidal Wave

Park Joong-hoon

김휘 (Kim Hwi)

Park Joong-hoon

Sol Kyung-gu

최만식 (Choi Man-shik)

Sol Kyung-gu

Uhm Jung-hwa

이유진 (Lee Yu-jin)

Uhm Jung-hwa

Ha Ji-won

강연희 (Gang Yeon-heui)

Ha Ji-won

Lee Briggs

Helicopter Pilot

Lee Briggs

Cheon Bo-geun


Cheon Bo-geun

Yeo Ho-min


Yeo Ho-min

Lee Si-on


Lee Si-on

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Lee Min-ki

Choi Hyeong-sik

Lee Min-ki
Kang Ye-won

김희미 (Hee-mee)

Kang Ye-won
Kim In-kwon

오동춘 (Dong-chun)

Kim In-kwon
Song Jae-ho

억조 (Choi's Uncle)

Song Jae-ho
Na Moon-hee

Na Moon-hee
David S. Dranitzke, Doojin Kim, Hans Uhlig, JaeWon Jung, Jiseung Lee
Kim Hwi, Yoon Je-kyoon
Byungwoo Lee
Youngho Kim
Minkyeong Shin
Injun Hwang, Nanci Noblett
Yoon Je-kyoon

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