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Happy Death Day

A college student relives the day of her murder over and over again as she tries to discover her killer's identity.

Release On: 12th - October - 2017

Vote Count: 2196
Vote Average: 6.5/10

The Endless

Two brothers return to the cult they fled from years ago to discover that the group's beliefs may be more sane than they once thought.

Release On: 6th - April - 2018

Vote Count: 159
Vote Average: 6.5/10

Groundhog Day

A narcissistic TV weatherman, along with his attractive-but-distant producer and mawkish cameraman, is sent to report on Groundhog Day in the small town of Punxsutawney, where he finds himself repeating the same day over and over.

Release On: 11th - February - 1993

Vote Count: 3398
Vote Average: 7.5/10

Before I Fall

Samantha Kingston has everything. Then, everything changes. After one fateful night, she wakes up with no future at all. Trapped into reliving the same day over and over, she begins to question just how perfect her life really was.

Release On: 2nd - March - 2017

Vote Count: 1706
Vote Average: 6.9/10


The story revolves around the passengers of a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean who, when struck by mysterious weather conditions, jump to another ship only to experience greater havoc on the open seas.

Release On: 16th - October - 2009

Vote Count: 922
Vote Average: 6.8/10

Time Trap

A group of students become trapped inside a mysterious cave where they discover time passes differently underground than on the surface.

Release On: 19th - May - 2017

Vote Count: 41
Vote Average: 6.7/10


A teenager is stuck in a time loop that is not quite the same each time. She must uncover the truth but her actions have consequences for herself and others.

Release On: 25th - October - 2013

Vote Count: 275
Vote Average: 6/10

La Colle

Poor Benjamin gets stuck in a time-loop while on detention with his high-school crush.

Release On: 19th - July - 2017

Vote Count: 95
Vote Average: 6.5/10


Two old friends living in a dystopic future become trapped in a mysterious time loop — one that may have something to do with an ongoing battle between an omnipotent corporation and a ragtag band of rebels.

Release On: 16th - September - 2016

Vote Count: 505
Vote Average: 6.1/10

Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 Memory Snow

The Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu stage event at the MF Bunko J Summer School Festival 2017 on Sunday has announced that the series will receive a new OVA.

Release On: 6th - October - 2018

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10


Thomas Jacobs invents a way to watch people's memories from the inside. Going against his morals, he accepts an offer to enter a heroin addict's memories to literally see if he committed a crime. However,a malfunction causes his consciousness to become trapped inside the criminal's mind. He remains a prisoner in the addict's memories for more than four years until he discovers the possibility of escape.

Release On: 10th - March - 2012

Vote Count: 97
Vote Average: 6.2/10


Office employee Barry Thomas is caught in a "time bounce" caused by a glitch in the company's secret project. Now the same day occurs again and again - and Barry's the only one who can do anything about it, including saving the life of beautiful research assistant Lisa Fredericks.

Release On: 5th - July - 1993

Vote Count: 53
Vote Average: 6.5/10


Schoolchildren Norimichi, Yuusuke, and Junichi want to know if fireworks look round or flat from the side. They make a plan to find the answer at a fireworks display, while Nazuna schemes to run away with Norimichi or Yuusuke, whoever wins at the pool.

Release On: 18th - August - 2017

Vote Count: 39
Vote Average: 6.2/10


Based on Keigo Higashino's international bestseller The Miracles of the Namiya General Store comes director Han Jie's take on the fantastical novel. TFBoys' Karry Wang stars as Xiao Bo, one of three orphans on the run who take refuge in a derelict corner store. Once there, they find a mysterious letter seeking advice, leading to an emotional adventure through time and unexpected connections with their own past.

Release On: 13th - September - 2018

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 0/10

The Last Day of Summer

Luke Malloy is freaking out. He doesn't want tomorrow to come because tomorrow means starting Middle School...saying goodbye to summer break and hello to homework. And even worse, hello to getting picked on by Meat, the terrible torturer of new kids. Luke's dread of tomorrow is casting a shadow on his enjoyment of his last day of summer, so he makes a wish that the Last Day of Summer would last forever... that his one last perfect day of fun and freedom would never end. But when his wish comes true, he discovers that he's stuck repeating the day over and over again, which, as Luke quickly learns, isn't any better. What do you do when the "ultimate do-over" isn't all it's cracked up to be?

Release On: 9th - September - 2008

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 3.3/10

A Christmas Wedding Date

After being fired, Rebecca hours back to her old home town to attend her friends wedding on Christmas Eve and visit her mother. But when she tries to return home she finds she must relive Christmas Eve over and over until she gets it right.

Release On: 2nd - December - 2012

Vote Count: 14
Vote Average: 5.3/10


Claire Parker is going to die. At the hands of a sadistic and depraved killer, she will endure a terrifying, unimaginable brutal death--and it will all happen again. After being beaten, dragged, sliced, and stabbed, Claire awakens at work--where it all began--untouched and unharmed. But the hellish ordeal is far from over. The madman is back and he's ready for more blood...

Release On: 1st - January - 2006

Vote Count: 14
Vote Average: 4.5/10


8:30 follows an unsuspecting door-to-door salesman, who finds himself stranded in a desert-like suburb as his train returns to the same train station over and over again in what seems to be an infinite loop.

Release On: 18th - June - 2017

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

ஒரு கன்னியும் மூணு களவாணிகளும்

Tamizh and his two friends are offered a huge sum of money by businessman Hippie Lahiri to kidnap Isha, who, incidentally, happens to be Tamizh's lover, on her wedding day. Will they be able to pull it off? Or, are there divine forces at play here?

Release On: 4th - April - 2014

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 7/10

Repeat Performance

Sheila Page, a Broadway star, shoots Barney, her murderous husband on New Year's Eve. She flees her apartment and goes to her Producer, John Friday. When she arrives, it is New Year's day, a year earlier. She has been given the chance to live life over and correct the errors of the past only to find that the end will be the same although the path will be different.

Release On: 22nd - May - 1947

Vote Count: 4
Vote Average: 6.3/10