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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

In the 28th century, Valerian and Laureline are special operatives charged with keeping order throughout the human territories. On assignment from the Minister of Defense, the two undertake a mission to Alpha, an ever-expanding metropolis where species from across the universe have converged over centuries to share knowledge, intelligence, and cultures. At the center of Alpha is a mysterious dark force which threatens the peaceful existence of the City of a Thousand Planets, and Valerian and Laureline must race to identify the menace and safeguard not just Alpha, but the future of the universe.

Release On: 20th - July - 2017

Vote Count: 3338
Vote Average: 6.6/10

The Greatest Showman

The story of American showman P.T. Barnum, founder of the circus that became the famous traveling Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Release On: 20th - December - 2017

Vote Count: 3561
Vote Average: 8/10

Entre les murs

Teacher and novelist François Bégaudeau plays a version of himself as he negotiates a year with his racially mixed students from a tough Parisian neighborhood.

Release On: 24th - September - 2008

Vote Count: 266
Vote Average: 7/10

Dirty Computer

The story of a young woman named Jane 57821, who is living in a totalitarian near-future society where citizens are referred to as 'computers.' 'Dirty Computer' explores humanity and what truly happens to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when mind and machines merge, and when the government chooses fear over freedom.

Release On: 23rd - April - 2018

Vote Count: 12
Vote Average: 8.7/10

Goliath Awaits

During World War II the passenger liner "Goliath" is sunk by a German submarine. Portions of the ship's hull remain airtight, and some of the passengers and crew survive. Over the decades they build a rigidly regulated society completely isolated from the surface world, until in contemporary times a diving team begins to explore the wreck.

Release On: 11th - November - 1981

Vote Count: 7
Vote Average: 5.7/10

OJ: Trial of the Century

OJ: TRIAL OF THE CENTURY, premiered on June 12, 2014 and it chronicles the twists and turns of the OJ Simpson murder trial and allows viewers to relive every moment of the investigation first-hand.

Release On: 12th - June - 2014

Vote Count: 1
Vote Average: 10/10

The Trans List

A documentary that explores the range of experiences lived by transgender Americans.

Release On: 5th - December - 2016

Vote Count: 4
Vote Average: 6/10

They Heard Voices

THEY HEARD VOICES is a documentary film exploring the Hearing Voices Movement, chronic psychosis, and the schizophrenia label. The film is a series of wide-ranging interviews with voice hearers, medical historians, anthropologists and psychiatrists from Britain and America, presenting different people’s views. Is schizophrenia hard science or an arbitrary, catch-all term with no real meaning? What does it mean for those experiencing psychosis?

Release On: 14th - December - 2016

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Young, Gifted and Classical: The Making of a Maestro

Sheku Kanneh-Mason made history in 2016 when he became the first black winner of the BBC Young Musician competition. Sheku has six musically gifted siblings and this film explores their extraordinary talents and issues of diversity in classical music. We follow Sheku and his brothers and sisters and examine the sacrifices that parents Stuart and Kadie make in order to support their children in pursuing their musical dreams. Told through the prism of family life we get an understanding of what it is that drives this family to be the best musicians they can be. At the heart of the story is 17-year-old Sheku, and we see him coming to terms with his Young Musician win and the pressures and opportunities it brings. His life is changing dramatically as he now has to learn to deal with the challenges of becoming a world-renowned cellist.

Release On: 20th - November - 2016

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

The Alternative

Valentina Moreno, a single mother who works as a housekeeper for a wealthy Manhattan family, takes decisive action when something from her past threatens to ruin her personal and professional relationships.

Release On: 24th - June - 2017

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10

Yo, indocumentada

Tamara, Desiree, and Victoria are Venezuelan women who live in Caracas and at first glance have little in common. However, all three share much more than the city they live in: they carry an ID that shows a name that is not theirs. They are transgender women. In Venezuela, you cannot legally change the name you were born with. The women unite and through a series of legal actions and tireless activism for equality, these women will test the willingness of Venezuelan institutions to ensure the basic right of its citizens: the right to identity.

Release On: 3rd - March - 2011

Vote Count: 0
Vote Average: 0/10