Movies Mikael-Håfström was a crew member on


Outside the Wire

In the near future, a drone pilot is sent into a deadly militarized zone and must work with an android officer to locate a doomsday device.

Release On: 15th - January - 2021

Vote Count: 773
Vote Average: 6.5/10

Escape Plan

Ray Breslin is the world's foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He's framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars.

Release On: 9th - October - 2013

Vote Count: 3771
Vote Average: 6.7/10

The Rite

Seminary student Michael Kovak reluctantly attends exorcism school at the Vatican. While he’s in Rome, Michael meets an unorthodox priest who introduces him to the darker side of his faith, uncovering the devil’s reach even to one of the holiest places on Earth.

Release On: 28th - January - 2011

Vote Count: 1437
Vote Average: 6/10


A man who specializes in debunking paranormal occurrences checks into the fabled room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel. Soon after settling in, he confronts genuine terror.

Release On: 22nd - June - 2007

Vote Count: 2994
Vote Average: 6.6/10


When two married business executives having an affair are blackmailed by a violent criminal, they are forced to turn the tables on him to save their families.

Release On: 11th - November - 2005

Vote Count: 694
Vote Average: 6.3/10


Stockholm, the fifties. Though academically bright, violent pupil Erik Ponti is expelled from his state school with the headmaster’s words “there’s only one word for people like you – evil… what you need is a good thrashing, and more”. In fact already Erik frequently receives a ‘good’ thrashing at the hands of his sadistic stepfather – so he is packed off by his mother to boardingschool

Release On: 16th - May - 2003

Vote Count: 200
Vote Average: 7.3/10


An American man returns to a corrupt, Japanese-occupied Shanghai four months before Pearl Harbor and discovers his friend has been killed. While he unravels the mysteries of the death, he falls in love and discovers a much larger secret that his own government is hiding.

Release On: 10th - June - 2010

Vote Count: 108
Vote Average: 6.1/10


A true and captivating story about the biggest legal scandal in Swedish history, the story about the reporter who questioned an entire legal system. Hannes Råstam was dedicated to proving the innocence of Thomas Quick and unmask the legal chaos which sentenced Quick to a life in psychiatric prison.

Release On: 20th - September - 2019

Vote Count: 43
Vote Average: 6.7/10


A small Swedish village, Högboträsk, is so peaceful that crime is nonexistent. The police spend their shifts drinking coffee, eating hot dogs and chasing down runaway cows. This is all well and good for the village's own police, but the police management board wants to discontinue the local police force for lack of crime.

Release On: 6th - February - 2003

Vote Count: 123
Vote Average: 6.4/10


Two Swedish business men are kidnapped in Rome by the Mob, and moved to Sicily. Carl Hamilton is sent to Sicily on direct order from the Swedish Government. He is sent to negotiate for their release. Hamiltons partner and best friend, Lundwall, is murdered by the Mob. Hamilton is dragged into a bitter and brutal vendetta between himself and the Mob-leader Don Tommaso.

Release On: 10th - February - 1995

Vote Count: 8
Vote Average: 6/10

Leva livet

Vaccuum salesman Evert makes the rounds in a suburban Stockholm apartment building, getting brief glimpses of the various tenants' lives. During the course of the day, he meets an arguing married couple, a lonely older woman and a younger couple preparing an anxious dinner.

Release On: 16th - November - 2001

Vote Count: 3
Vote Average: 5/10


Hundred years ago, three students at the Hellestads Boarding School were brutally slaughtered, the murderer drowned himself in a lake nearby and his body was never found. The story has become a legend for generations of students as well as a yearly festivity. Sara, a student, is writting an essay based on the legend and uncovers new facts from the event that will cast dark shadows on the family name of one of the school's main benificiaries. On the night of the hundreth anniversary, the festivities go awry, students disappear and something dark and unknown is moving through the schools corridors...

Release On: 14th - October - 2004

Vote Count: 21
Vote Average: 5.2/10

Hassel 05 - Terrorns Finger

The kidnapping of a DA's wife, the murder of several minor criminals and the police finding a large stash of weapons is all in a day's work for criminal detective Roland Hassel.

Release On: 23rd - March - 1989

Vote Count: 3
Vote Average: 3.7/10

Hassel 07 - De giriga

Release On: 5th - March - 1992

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 2.5/10

Hassel 09 - Botgörarna

Release On: 2nd - April - 1992

Vote Count: 2
Vote Average: 2.5/10